Oman (University of Nizwa) The University of Nizwa participated in International Nursing Management Conference

Tuesday, the University of Nizwa participated in the 8th International Nursing Management Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.  The university was represented by the College of Pharmacy and Nursing’s students, Dr. Salim Al-Toobi, the dean of the college, and Nawal Al-Abri, a lecturer at the college.   

This participation emerges from the university’s keenness to expose students to international experiences, Ahmed Shammas, a student participant at the conference, speaking to Ishraqah said, “the conference environment was an ideal platform to be exposed to international experiences, and to the senior professionals in the field. We have witnessed new techniques in nursing management from the conference

The three nursing students participated in the conference with a group research paper, which was presented by Ahmed Shammas.  The paper presented was a literature review of a current study in the field of critical care nursing.  Basma Al Maliki said, “we were the youngest participants in the conference who participated with a paper among advanced professionals”.

Speaking about her experience, she said “this is a valuable chance to participate in such a conference, and meeting students who are studying the same major as ours was even an enlightenment”. Around 15 countries participated in this conference, the students were urged to communicate and ask questions during the presentations of other participants’ papers.

This participation is owed to the membership of Dr. Salim Al-Toobi in the conference’s scientific committee.  It is an implementation of the college’s aim to provide the labor market with competent graduates in conducting research.