UK (University of Derby) University of Derby Work Health Hub and The Insight Centre Team Up to Enhance Mental Health at Work

A new partnership between the University of Derby Work Health Hub and The Insight Centre is set to provide expert support for organisations that want to create mentally healthy work environments.

The Insight Centre, a leading Midlands-based provider of business and leadership coaching, is joining forces with the University of Derby’s Work Health Hub, a new online membership platform supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, in a strategic collaboration.

Through the partnership, The Work Health Hub gains the support of The Insight Centre’s network of highly skilled and experienced coaches and courses. These resources will be available on referral to subscribing members, ensuring career and business development can go hand in hand with supporting mental wellbeing.

Additionally, The Work Health Hub provides experts and resources now available to The Insight Centre clients. The collaboration ensures clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their specific needs.

Three people standing outside smiling at the camera
The Insight Centre team: Dawn Edwards, Amanda Daly and Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan, Co-Director at The Insight Centre, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with the University of Derby Work Health Hub. This collaboration allows us to combine our expertise and resources to provide a more holistic approach to mental health and professional growth. Together, we will empower organisations to create mentally healthy work environments, encourage individuals to prioritise their own well-being, as well as support the well-being of their colleagues and employees.”

Adam Doyle, Head of Business Engagement and Employability at the University of Derby said:

“This is a fantastic example of the University working with specialists to provide much-needed support to drive positive change for employees and organisations.”

Kate Wood, Project Manager for The Work Health Hub at the University of Derby, said:

“We are excited to collaborate with The Insight Centre. Their mission and values are completely aligned to those of The Work Health Hub. Leadership and management is often an area that gets overlooked in terms of support, especially middle management, and we believe this collaboration will allow us to offer additional guidance to managers who may, otherwise, not have the opportunities to explore key skills they need to fulfil their role.”

Both organisations are committed to driving positive changes to mental health in the workplace. By combining their respective strengths and resources, The Insight Centre and The Work Health Hub can make strides in enhancing mental health awareness, support, and leadership development for their clients.