Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University Celebrates the Winners of the TAJ Award for Excellence in the Development of University Education for the Year 2023-2024 in Four Categories.

Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University Celebrates the Winners of the TAJ Award for Excellence in the Development of University Education for the Year 2023-2024 in Four Categories

Under the patronage of H.E. the President of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ghazi A. Al-Otaibi, awarded the winners of the Excellence Award in the Development of University Education TAJ 2023-2024. The ceremony was attended by deans of colleges, institutes, deanships, academic leaders, and faculty members.

The TAJ Award is presented in four categories: academic influencers, faculty members, student teams, and entities. It recognizes the recipients’ efforts and excellence in university education development, outstanding contributions to university education, and innovative practices in university teaching and learning, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Dr. Ghazi Al-Otaibi expressed his appreciation for the wide participation of the academic community and faculty members at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University. He acknowledged their efforts in raising the level of performance and providing innovative and high-quality university education. He also thanked H.E. the President of IAU for his patronage and support for the award, as well as the Chairperson and members of the Deanship’s Council, the members of the Executive Committee, and all employees of the Deanship.

Dr. Mohammed Alkathiri, Dean of the Deanship of Academic Development and Chair of the Council, reiterated the Council’s mission and its commitment to the educational impact on both students and the broader society. He highlighted the Council’s role in fostering, endorsing, and valuing creativity and innovation within pedagogical methodologies. Dr. Alkathiri also acknowledged the academic community’s ability to excel in education across various disciplines and emphasized the Council’s dedication to supporting the professional growth of faculty members through individual, collective, and interdisciplinary endeavors. He further highlighted the Council’s oversight of the Excellence Award TAJ, which received 67 applications from 111 faculty members, approving 16 awards in four categories.

 First Category: Academic Influencers

This award is presented to individuals with distinguished career paths who have made valuable and leadership contributions to university education, including significant, verifiable achievements related to the development of university education. Four academic leaders received the TAJ Award in this category:

Prof. Abdullah Omar Bamosa: Professor at the College of Medicine since 2015, joined the university in 1985. He has held many leadership positions, including Head of the Physiology Department, Vice Dean of the Deanship of Admission and Registration, and Dean of the Deanship from 2010 to 2017. He has also chaired and participated in numerous committees at the university level.

Dr. Mashael Ali Al Okaly: Dean of the College of Arts, one of the largest colleges at IAU. She has a distinguished professional history in teaching, research, and writing and has participated in many committees related to the development of university education. She has worked as an advisor to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for Student Support and has headed the student support development initiative since 2017.

Dr. Noha Abdullatif Al-Mulla: Faculty member at the College of Science, Director of the Directorate of Monitoring the Academic Performance of University Colleges, and Secretary of the Standing Committee for Study Plans. She has a distinguished career in education, academic leadership, and community service.

Dr. Hala Abdulmoneim Al-Wakeel: Associate Professor at the College of Design, with thirty-eight years of experience in architecture and design education. She has participated in the review and approval of educational programs and institutions and has received multiple awards for her contributions to teaching and community service.

Second Category: Faculty Members

This award recognizes distinguished faculty members who apply innovative and impactful teaching and learning practices that are student-centered and focus on active learning. The winners, in no particular order, are:

Dr. Zamzam Mohammed Al Dhafar: Former head of the Biology Department and faculty member in the College of Science. She excelled in applying active learning through practical teaching, project-based learning, and extracurricular activities in entomology courses.

Prof. Mohamed Taha Al-Hariri: Professor at the College of Medicine, distinguished for designing and implementing the student research course in the updated curriculum of the College of Medicine since 2018.

Dr. Samar Abdelwahab Abu Bashit: Faculty member in the College of Science, excelled in adopting education through “learning teams” in applied chemistry courses.

A team from the College of Applied Medical Sciences: Ms. Bashayer Hussein Al-Yami, Ms. Noura Abdul Hadi Al-Nuaimi, Ms. Nujoud Saud Abu Aisha, and Mr. Omar Muhammad Al-Omar. They excelled in designing and implementing the “Integrated Clinical Cases” course.

Dr. Deema Saad AL Shawan: Faculty member at the College of Public Health, excelled in applying the gradual assignment of responsibility model to help students develop independent learning.

Dr. Feryal Fareed Al Kurdi: a Faculty member at the College of Design, excelled in applying “peer learning” by having female students teach others.

Third Category: Student Teams

The Deanship of Academic Development announced the “University Teaching and Learning Ideathon,” a race for creative ideas that allowed students to activate their creative abilities and contribute to developing the university’s teaching and learning environment. The winning team from the College of Computer Science and Information Technology includes:

  • Rawan Ibrahim Al Shayeb
  • Baqir Abdullah Al-Haddad
  • Sarah Nasser Al-Subaie

Their project, the Estazd exhibition, presented an innovative idea for exchanging books and contributed to expanding knowledge and exchanging ideas among students while promoting sustainability.

Fourth Category: Entities

This award focuses on innovative institutional practices in the development of university education, emphasizing student-centered learning and the sustainability of practice. The winning entities, in no particular order, are:

The Department of Physics at the College of Humanities and Sciences in Jubail: 
  • Dr. Nouf Khalifa Al-Salim
  • Dr. Ghada Ishaq Amira
  • Dr. Aisha Muhammad Al-Nagmoush
  • Prof. Abeer Abdo Haddadi
  • Prof. Shahad Salman Al-Osaimi
  • Prof. Atheer Mohammed Al-Ghamdi

For excellence in applying the practice of “community learning” since 2012.

The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs at the Applied College:
  • Dr. Azza Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi
  • Dr. Mona Abu Al-Atta Halim
  • Dr. Walaa Magdy Rizk

For excellence in applying the practice of “active learning” in various academic departments.

The College of Design:
  • Dr. Mai Shukri
  • Dr. Reham Mahmoud Abdel Latif

For excellence in applying the practice of “community learning” and “problem-based learning” within an institutional plan.

The Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies:
  • Dr. Nasser Saud Al-Rayes
  • Dr. Yousry M. Othman

For excellence in preparing students within an institutional plan, including multiple projects and initiatives.

The College of Science:
  • Dr. Amal Lafi Al-Otaibi
  • Dr. Rasha Abdul Hamid Al-Issa
  • Dr. Zainab Hussein Al-Sunaidi
  • Dr. Maram Abdulaziz Al Wahaibi
  • Dr. Mona Yahya Al-Qahtani
  • Dr. Sanaa Saad Al-Abad
  • Dr. Noha Abdel-Rahman Al-Jabr
  • Dr. Nadia Muhammad Al-Abdullah
  • Dr. Abeer Obaid Al-Dosari
  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Zahrani

For excellence in the Graduation Project Development Initiative and the Scientific Researcher Program Initiative.