Mauritius (University of Mauritius) Call for papers – 6th International Conference on Future of Women 2023 (FOW 2023)

You are invited  to submit your abstract to the 6th International Conference on Future of Women 2023 which is scheduled to be held from 23rd – 24th February 2023 in Colombo , Sri Lanka under the theme : “Empowering Women, Powering the Future.”

We have female Presidents, CEOs, astronauts, fighter pilots, miners, doctors, and dentists. What is it that we don’t have? Today’s inspirational women are those who are moving forward, doing more, breaking down barriers, and giving people power. New feminist generations are speaking out. Wolf explains in her book The XX Factor (2013) how “women are creating a new society” and claims that “incrementally, but irreversibly, women’s penetration in the world is changing both men and women’s daily activities and their personal lives”. Gender equality is a fundamental human right and an indispensable basis for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

We have come a long way since the International Socialist Women’s Conference (1910), when the German revolutionary Clara Zetkin proposed that “a special Women’s Day” be commemorated annually as a day for working women. Ever since there have been significant bright spots to celebrate. Today, the celebration of International Women’s Day and the recognition of the importance of women’s economic empowerment are well acknowledged by world leaders to influential global institutions including the United Nations. Maternal mortality is decreasing in most places, and literacy and secondary education enrollment is increasing in many countries. At work, too, most countries have made slow but steady progress in addressing inequality.

UN Women has evolved a rapid and focused response for the development of women and girls and promises of long-term benefits for them, focused on five priorities:

  • To mitigate gender-based violence, including domestic violence
  • To create social protection and economic stimulus packages
  • To garner people’s support and practice equal sharing of care work
  • To encourage women and girls’ partaking in planning and decision-making
  • To ensure that data and coordination mechanisms include gender perspectives

A future-looking agenda should reflect on progress and look to the possibilities of the future; the realities of the present should remain foremost in our minds. This will include recognizing the pervasive gendered inequalities in the economic sphere by calling for eliminating legal limitations to women’s equal economic access; supporting women’s financial knowledge and ability through education; enhancing women’s facility to organize and self-advocate; enabling women to protect their bodily autonomy and control their own fertility, and addressing unpaid work and guaranteeing decent jobs and social security. This must also incorporate a progressive commitment to a green economy, ushering in new and diverse perspectives to address the contemporary challenges and opportunities we face now.

This two-day conference will offer incredible opportunities for professional development, personal growth, and networking. The 2023 gathering will aim to bring together researchers and students in various fields to discuss the pressing issues facing our world today. The conference will feature keynotes, breakout sessions, Storytelling, panels, and workshops.