Morocco (Ecole De Gouvernance Et D’economie De Rabat) Entrance exam in the 1st year of the ENSA Oujda 2017 Engineering cycle

The National School of Applied Sciences of Oujdaorganizes the entranceexamin the 3rd year (first year of the engineering cycle) for the academic year 2017-2018.

Conditions of access 1st year cycle Engineer ENSA Oujda 2017:

Access to the first year of the engineering cycle:

  • Candidates who have validated the two preparatory years for the engineering cycle.
  • Candidates who have passed the common national competitive examination for admission to engineering training establishments and similar establishments.
  • Holders of the following university diplomas:D EUG, DUT, DEUST, DEUP, Licence, Other diplomas recognized as equivalent.

Pre-selection procedures:

  • For applicants from other ENSAs:
  • having validated the two preparatory years for the engineering cycle.
  • For candidates who have passed the common competition of engineering schools, holders of DUT, DEUG, DEUST, DEUP, Licence or any diplomas deemed equivalent;
    • Study of the file (Depending on the grades obtained)
    • Written exam (Exam will focus on pedagogical prerequisites for access to school: preparatory class programs)

Pedagogical prerequisites:

  • Access to the first year: having followed a program considered similar to the curriculum of the preparatory cycle of the school.

Contest Terms and Conditions:

  • Study of the file on the basis of the data entered on the platform.
  • Written exam in MCQ form for selected candidates.
  • Interview for candidates who have passed the written exam

Application file for the competition:

The file of the selected candidates must be submitted on the day of the competition at the ENSA of Oujdaon13/9/2017between 08:00and 08:30.

The application file contains the following documents:

  • The individual registration form to be completed online, printed, signed and submitted with the application file.
  • Photocopies certified as true copies: of the baccalaureate, diplomas obtained and certificates of success.
  • Certified transcripts of all semesters and academic years.
  • A certified photocopy of the National Identity Card.
  • A recent passport photo (to be pasted on the individual registration form).