Libya (Zawia University) An invitation for scientific publication in the Journal of Faculties of Education at Zawiya University

The editorial board of the Journal of the Faculties of Education at Al-Zawiya University has the honor to invite professors, faculty members in higher education institutions, graduate students and researchers interested in the fields of humanities and applied sciences, to publish in the journal, according to the following controls:

1. The Journal of Faculties of Education at Al-Zawiya University is a refereed scientific journal that is issued periodically in paper and electronic format, legal deposit number / 347-2017 AD, National Library of Benghazi, International Number of the magazine / ISSN; 2521-9227

2. The journal accepts publishing research papers written in either Arabic or English.

3. Research should be sent to the e-mail: Email:

4. The researcher must abide by the steps of scientific research.

5. The researcher bears responsibility for what is in the content of his research.

6. Taking into account the integrity of the research language and freedom from spelling and grammatical errors.

7. Compliance with the rules and conditions of publication in the magazine.

The magazine’s website on the digital repository of Zawiya University: