Australia (Western Sydney University) New vision for a global, liveable and sustainable Parramatta by 2035

Greater Parramatta will become a truly global, liveable and sustainable city by 2035, according to a new, visionary report by Western Sydney University (opens in new window)在新窗口中打开. One of the report’s bold recommendations is that Parramatta become the central interchange on the proposed Fast Rail network linking Newcastle and Wollongong.

The report also promotes major governance reform, urging Greater Parramatta be developed to leverage the city’s distinctive, yet strongly interconnected ‘boroughs’ – similar to New York City’s ‘borough presidents’.

Commissioned by the NSW Premier, the Hon Dominic Perrottet MP, Parramatta 2035: Vibrant, Sustainable, Global, is a new report on the future of Parramatta prepared by the University’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Barney Glover AO and the University’s Centre for Western Sydney.

The Premier of NSW, the Hon Dominic Perrottet MP, thanked Professor Glover for his work and looked forward to presenting it for consideration by the NSW Government.

“The NSW Government commissioned this important review with Professor Glover’s work to be considered by the Government complementing our Six City Strategy, which will provide a blueprint to unlock new opportunities for Parramatta,” Mr Perrottet said.

“The new state-of-the-art Engineering Innovation Hub opened by Western Sydney University is an example of the work that is already underway to help make the Six Cities Strategy a reality by supercharging the development of more modern and advanced manufacturing in areas such as Parramatta that will be key to boosting economic activity and creating more skilled jobs.”

The much-anticipated report – also known as The Glover Review’ (opens in new window)在新窗口中打开 – provides 12 major recommendations to Government, backed by detailed policy and planning actions to transform Greater Parramatta. Informed by business, industry and community consultation, the report outlines a vision for Parramatta as a globally-recognised city that drives innovation and investment, but most critically, as a city that is liveable, connected and sustainable for all of its communities.

The report recommends:

  • the NSW Government puts into action its own Strategic Plan for Greater Parramatta
  • supporting a strong and well-governed Greater Parramatta, with ‘borough presidents’
  • developing a ‘Parramatta City Deal’, like the Western Sydney City Deal
  • securing Greater Parramatta’s economic anchors and sustained investment momentum
  • future-proofing liveability by preserving land with high cost-benefit outcomes
  • making Parramatta a world-class sports and entertainment destination
  • planning for a fast-rail connection between Parramatta and the ‘six cities region’
  • building on the Powerhouse Parramatta momentum by investing in more cultural infrastructure
  • addressing critical liveability infrastructure shortages by prioritising affordable housing
  • driving innovation and investment by supporting Parramatta’s growth as a ‘University City’
  • improving active transport facilities and interconnectivity of Greater Parramatta
  • preserving and protecting Greater Parramatta as the ‘City of Green and Blue’, led by deep Indigenous knowledge.As part of the review, Professor Glover acknowledged the rich history and untapped potential of Parramatta, highlighting that the government needs to prioritise key planning and liveability challenges such as housing affordability to future-proof the city.“Greater Parramatta is a region experiencing robust acceleration. Considerable investment has delivered opportunity for its people but in parts, the city’s journey has become misaligned. For Parramatta to reach its full potential, the government needs to take a considered approach to planning and development, working hand in hand with the community and industry, and prioritising sustainability, liveability and Indigenous knowledges,” said Professor Glover.

    With the wider region benefitting from substantial public infrastructure investments, evident in the Westmead precinct, the Powerhouse Museum, Parramatta Stadium, the Light Rail and Sydney Metro projects, Professor Glover said these positive developments should work in conjunction with meeting liveability and sustainability benchmarks to better serve its young, diverse and ambitious population which is already driving an educational, cultural and socioeconomic transformation.

    “Paramatta’s elevation into a global, connected and liveable city is conditional on the preservation and enhancement of its unique attributes, particularly in fundamental areas like housing affordability, cultural expression, and connectivity. Harnessing these attributes to attract investment and talent is vitally important and, ideally, a distinctive element of Parramatta’s current and future character and is critical to its success as a global city,” said Professor Glover.

    “A new governance model should be developed to be reflective of a global city, one that brings Local Government Areas together to achieve a cohesive Greater Parramatta vision, inclusive of ‘borough presidents’ – a representative from each precinct to encourage dialogue and to increase community participation in strategic planning.”

    City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Donna Davis welcomed the report, noting the critical importance of engaging with local government to implement the vision for the Greater Parramatta area.

    “All levels of government need to work with industry and our city’s community to help shape the future of Paramatta so that the benefits of our rapid transformation are shared by everyone,” Cr Davis said.

    “This Review identifies many bold ideas that will support a strong and well-governed Greater Parramatta. The right planning and investment is needed to put Parramatta on the map as a key cultural, sporting and entertainment destination.

    “Making Parramatta River swimmable by 2025, supporting new and upgraded Green Grid links and protecting and enhancing Parramatta Park as the centrepiece of our city will improve liveablity and ensure our unique environment is preserved for future generations.”

    The Glover Review  (opens in new window)在新窗口中打开 will be released by the NSW Premier as part of the official opening of Western Sydney University’s new Engineering Innovation Hub in Parramatta.