Ghana (Valley View University) VVU 27th Congregation Graduation Ceremony Techiman Campus 2021

The graduation was themed confronting a global pandemic: A call to excellence, integrity and service.
It was the 27th graduation of Valley View University and the 4th for the Techiman Campus. The graduation was streamed live on social media and on Hope TV to enable those who couldn’t make it physically to be a part of the graduation wherever they are.
The Chancellor was represented by the Executive Secretary, SGUC of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Pastor Dr. Chris Annan Nunoo, Who opened the floor for the ceremony of the day to commence.

Techiman graduation can be described with a phrase ‘Joyful Peace’. Maybe it’s the ambience which is spectacular by the way, or the people who are peaceful or VVU who are ah-mazing! Or all of the above.

The graduation was exciting and beautiful. Graduands in beautiful blue and black robes, the principal officers, deans of departments and HODs all the way from the main campus Oyibi were present, the cheerful young ushers in yellow tees and black skirts helping family and friends to their seats.

The choir as usual were phenomenal in their beautiful rendition of all the hymns and special number, while looking all magnificent in their official choir regalia.
The VVU anthem was sang. Well, first of all, that anthem sounds like the choir in heaven were singing it. Or maybe it’s just the choir, could be both. It is both! The graduands who were also in the choir were beautiful to behold as they exemplified how multi-faceted they are.

Pastor Dr. Chris Annan Nunoo, preached on ‘Integrity Robed in Royal Apparel’. Almost a self-explanatory sermon from the topic. And a much needed posture we all need to have. He taught that partial obedience is disobedience and that we should always count our blessings.

Techiman Graduation was beautified by dignitaries.
The timeless classic in the person of Dr. Kofi Kodua Sarpong – CEO, GNPC as the Guest of Honour who attributed his accolades to the Adventist training he received. In his speech, he admonished students to be technologically sound as the world we live in today requires it. He also encouraged them to have integrity which is measured by our ability to withstand corrupt environments both in our communities and our work place.

And he did not end there, he pledged computers to the school and handed an open invitation to the school to be present at GNPC for a CSR discussion. He is indeed a classic man.
Another dignitary, Hon. Kwame Osei Prempeh, Esq. CEO, GOIL as the Guest Speaker, who happens to be friends and brothers with the guest of honor, they attended the same SDA secondary school. This is proof that birds of a feather indeed flock together.

In his speech, he said that if you have intelligence without character and integrity, you have not achieved the goal of education. You will become a half-baked graduate and a danger to society.
This is a salient point to every young person out there, get Education, and in all thy getting, get character.

Like that was enough, we also had Royalty present at the event.

The presence of Chiefs and Ohemaa’s all studying in VVU Techiman campus is a site to behold. It will be right to say that VVU is a school for the Royals. I’m not surprised and you shouldn’t be too that these dignitaries chose VVU, because it is the best there is, period.

Continuously, the graduands were called out according to their departments and respective classes after the powerful Dr. Armetil congratulated them and pronounced them graduates. They walked to the podium beautifully and honorably to the cheers of their family and friends,

The Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter charged the graduates to be the heroes God wants them to be.

The classy, confident and well-spoken 2021 rep of the graduating class in Techiman, Ms. Angelina Darkwah responded to the charge of the VC and gave firm assurance on behalf of her class that they’ll be worthy Ambassadors of VVU.

The graduates were inducted into the prestigious alumni association of VVU by the Vice Rector of the Techiman Campus and the University Chaplain Pastor Harrison Takyi brought the event to a close with a heartfelt prayer.