University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (Jamaica) UCC and StarApple join forces in AI drive

UCC and StarApple AI have entered into a strategic partnership, combining StarApple’s world-class data science and AI solutions with the UCC’s global academic innovations.

According to the partners, the UCC-StarApple combine expertise in data science, entrepreneurship, technology, AI, research and management consulting to make Jamaica the global hub of AI and technology innovation. “Jamaica’s creativity per square mile is unmatched; we can channel that into a technological renaissance that will benefit all Jamaicans,” said Adrian Dunkley, founder of StarApple AI and president of the Jamaica Technology and Digital Alliance.

“The UCC is focused on developing the next generation of leaders with transformative education and economic growth as our driver, together we will unlock the full potential of the Jamaican Technology ecosystem,” said Michael Gordon, UCC’s chief innovation officer.

The partnership has already proven fruitful, with pilots of several solutions. These include an AI-supported financial aid tool to support working students, a Sports Lab utilising AI, drones and analytics to forecast game outcomes, and gamified learning labs that teach private and public sector professionals how to apply data analytics in their daily work efficiently.