University of Sonora (Mexico) La Posadera will be presented at the Fine Arts Forum

Elías Quijada

La Posadera, a delicious Italian comedy, a classic of the universal theater repertoire, will be staged by students of the seventh semester of the Bachelor of Performing Arts, Acting option from the University of Sonora.

The activity is part of the academic preparation that future professionals receive in university classrooms and is exposed through great theatrical stories such as La Posadera, authored by Carlo Goldoni, which takes place in Florence in the year 1753 at the inn of Mirandolina, owner, who with a wise hand manages, cares for and enchants those who stay and work there.

From notable characters such as The Marquis of Forlipópoli and The Count of Albafiorita, to the servants, passing through a couple of ladies, Hortensia and Deianira and Fabricio, servant and faithful companion of his mistress. Only the enigmatic Knight of Ripafratta, he resists his charm and the charm of his love.

It invites reflection
The delicious Italian comedy, a classic of the universal theater repertoire, invites reflection on the everlasting sentimental entanglements and the struggle of opposites between permanence and the state of freedom, between common sense and the need for loving inspiration, not without going through a criticism of a society – yesterday as now – full of an idle nobility with which the working classes are easily dazzled.

The presentation of the work will take place at the Fine Arts Forum, from Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4, at 6:00 p.m. General fee is 100 pesos, students and the elderly will pay 50 pesos. Accredits Culturest for students of the University of Sonora.

The story is suitable for teenagers and adults. For more information you can call 66 22 59 21 39 and 66 22 59 21 41 or access the website