Sudan (University of Sinnar) Job Posting

The Secretariat of Scientific Affairs at Sennar University announces the positions of teaching assistants and faculty members (lecturer _ assistant professor _ associate professor _ professor) in the following faculties:
1 / Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – Medical Laboratories (Teaching Staff)
Department of Parasitology
2 / Faculty of Engineering (faculty)
Civil Engineering – Computer Engineering
3 / Faculty of Public Health (faculty and teaching assistants)
Environmental Health _ Medical Insects ( Faculty )
Teaching assistants
4 / Faculty of Business Studies (faculty)
Secretarial and Office Management _ Management Information Systems
5 / Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (faculty)
Computer Systems & Networks
6 / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (faculty and teaching assistants)
Biochemistry – Anatomy – Physiology (faculty).
Teaching assistants
This is in accordance with the following conditions:
The applicant must be a Sudanese national.
The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree from Sennar University or any recognized university with a very good grade or its equivalent as a minimum.
The applicant must be free of national service.
The applicant writes an application and attaches the documents with it (in three copies).
Required Documents:-
Certificate of Bachelor’s Details.
Master’s and doctoral degrees for faculty members.
National number or birth certificate.
No party is free from national service.
The application files shall be received at the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs – Office of Professors and Training Affairs or the Coordination Office of Sennar University in Khartoum (next to the Khartoum People’s Market) no later than two weeks from the date of issuance of the declaration.
Enquiry T: 0918053488 – 0123902424
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