Egypt (University of Sadat City) The University President is seeking to novel partnerships with Decent Life Foundation

On Wednesday the 19th of October 2022, The University President Dr. Khaled Gaafar has met with Decent Life Initiative coordinator, included Col. Ahmed Salama, Col. Mamdouh Fawzy as directors of Decent Life Foundation in Menofia, Mr. Alaa Eldin Hassan – General Coordinator of Decent Life Foundation in Menofia, Dr. Shaima El Kersh – Medical Sector Coordinator of Decent Life Foundation. And in attendance of Eng. Hamdy Elshamy – General Director of Community Services and Environmental Development at the University of Sadat City, and Dr. Mohamed Mounir – General Director of Environmental Projects. 
The meeting came to identify aspects of ongoing joint-cooperation, and to include the University of Sadat City in the National Alliance for National civil and development work and.  

According to the report presented by the coordinator of Decent Life Foundation, they appreciated the University of Sadat City as one of the most prominent and active Egyptian universities in the number and variety of convoys between human, veterinary and agricultural, awareness campaigns and educational seminars for the simple citizen who needs a comprehensive service and educational awareness. 
For his part, the President of the University paid tribute to the cooperation and consistency between USC and Decent Life Foundation, which had a good and clear impact on the villages of a Decent Life, and wished for further cooperation and excellence