Oman (University of Nizwa) The University of Nizwa Participation at Omani Messengers of Pease 2

Tuesday, The University of Nizwa in coordination with the Endowment and Religious Affairs office, Bahla, inaugurated the symposium of Omani Messengers of Peace 2. The Al-Khalil bin Ahmed Center for Arabic and Humanities Studies participated in the symposium with two research papers and a stall for the university publication.

The symposium assured the bonded relations of Oman’s culture, heritage, and history in spreading the Islamic religion, Abd al-Rahman Saeed al-Abri, Director of Endowments and Religious Affairs Office in Bahla, said in his speech “Omanis were merchants of peace and good etiquettes before they were merchants of dirhams and goods”

The first version focused on the translation of the Prophet Mohammed’s, peace be upon him, eternal message where he praised the people of Oman. The second version is highlighting the General of Peace, Abu Ubaidah Abdullah bin Al-Qasim and his sea voyages which spread the messages of peace, and harmony, Omanis morals, and above all the Islamic Religion.

Dr. Suleiman Salim Nasser Al Husseini, Director of the Farahidi Center, presented two research papers, the first research paper was titled “The importance of Omani sea voyages to China in foreign studies: Abu Obeida Abdullah bin Al-Qasim as a model” and the second research paper titled “The Personality of Abdullah Bin Al-Qasim (Abu Ubaidah Al-Saghir) between Antiquity and Contemporary”.

Dr. Al Husseini speaking to Ishraqah “the Farahidi Center is eager to cooperate with community institutions to introduce influential historical Omani personalities to the society on such occasions”