University of Modern Sciences (Yemen) Discussion of the master’s thesis of researcher Samir Al-Wasabi

In the presence of Dr. Yahya Saleh Abu Hatem, Secretary General of the University, Dr. Nabil Al-Sharjabi, Dean of the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, Dr. Hilal Al-Muraisy, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Mr. Ismail Al-Qadi, Coordinator of Graduate Studies, a discussion was held today, Wednesday, 6-10-2021, to discuss the Master’s thesis in the Business Administration program presented by the researcher / Samir Ahmed Haider Muhammad Al-Wasabi for his thesis entitled: Administrative Empowerment and its Impact on Job Performance in Yemeni Private Universities.
The discussion and judging committee consisted of
Prof. Dr. Amin Al Hammadi, Supervising Chairman
Dr. Fahmy Al-Daqaf, external discussion member
Dr. Abdulrahman Manea, internal discussion member
In his thesis, the researcher reviewed the most important themes, findings and recommendations of the thesis. After discussion, the committee praised the tangible effort and preparation made by the researcher. At the conclusion of the discussion and judgment session, the committee approved the approval of the thesis, and recommended that the researcher be awarded a master’s degree in the Business Administration program.