DRC (University of Kinshasa) Interconnections of conflicts in the Great Lakes region. What possible solutions for a lasting peace in the DR. Congo?

Dear Women Leaders;
Dear students;
Dear teacher-researchers of all Kinshasa institutions;

Dear compatriots.

Is the eastern part of our country leaving before our eyes? Should we tolerate and remain passive when our enemies want to experience the end of the state in Congo-Kinshasa? What is the state of the state in our country? …How to remedy it in the short, medium and long term?

What would we say to our children? What have we done with their heritage (Congo of 2,345,410 Km2) bequeathed to them by our ancestors and patriarchs of the Nation?

For a week now, under the leadership of Rector Jean-Marie Kayembe, the Management Committee of the University of Kinshasa, through its Secretary General in charge of Research, Professor Antoine Tshimpi Wola has been calling for general mobilization, total and integral of the vital forces of the nation, in particular the student youth.

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 22, 2022, in the “declaration N ° 2 of Mont-Amba, the Rector launched the cry of distress and alarm to the direction of the young students for the mobilization: let us mobilize, heads and feet, intelligence and wisdom, biceps and prayers, patriotism, nationalism, equity, distributive justice and good governance, at all levels of Congolese life to preserve our common heritage.

From now on, we are all soldiers and fighters of the just cause, in order to defend the Motherland. The fight is patriotic, it requires the contribution of everyone, wherever they are, whatever they do as long as it contributes to the protection of our Nation, to the preservation of our greatness and dignity as a State and this, with respect of our laws and of the institutions of the republic.

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 22, 2022, we were fed by experts in diplomatic and legal issues (Professors Daniel Makiesse, Jean-Paul Segihobe and the Mbala Kabishi Director of Foreign Affairs), socialist, educational, patriotic and governmental issues (Professors Célestin Musao, Nana Manuanina (Minister), Daniel Mbau and Raoul Kienge-Kienge) as well as those of the military and security dimensions (General Godefroid Muland and Political Scientist Freddy Mulumba).

Today, Wednesday November 23, 2022, it is from the Congo River Hotel that the University of Kinshasa has transposed itself to submit the first recommendations to decision-makers. Here again, the University, as an adviser to the republic, plays its role, without complacency, without tricks or flattery…to invite the decision-makers in republican life to follow the path of expertise, to allow themselves to be enlightened by light that shines from Mount Amba, our inspired and inspiring Hill. On site, Professors Isidore Ndaywel, Arsène Mwaka, Pascal Mukonde, André Mbata and Luzolo Bambi crossed scientific paths with the expertise of men and women in the field such as His Excellency Ntibantunganya (Honorary President of the Republic of Burundi), the Honorable Ziad Aboultaif (Special Guest of the Rector of UNIKIN) and this,

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 24, 2022, we will meet in the mythical Salle des promotions Monseigneur Luc Gillon, a witness room and a center of scientificity in the RD. Congo, to think again, again and again about the collective future of the Congolese in a DR. Congo attacked on several fronts, civil and military, and which legitimately mobilizes its daughters and sons to safeguard the integrity of the national territory and to contribute to its greatness, unity and prosperity.

Here is tomorrow’s schedule:

Unikin University invites you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Subject: Interactive scientific morning according to United Nations resolutions 1325 and 2250
Time: Nov 24, 2022 09:00 AM West Central Africa