Sudan (University of Gezira) Batch (40) Political Science Visits the Humanitarian Aid Commission in the State

The batch (40) visited the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development, the Humanitarian Aid Commission at the Ministry of Social Welfare in the Gezira state. Students learned about UNHCR’s areas of work, state organizations and their community services. Dr. Tasneem Abdel-Wahab thanked the Commission’s staff for the valuable information that helps students in their practical and scientific fields. The students received an enlightenment from the state’s Humanitarian Aid Commissioner; Mr. Asaad Al-Rih Muhammad, on the authority of the Humanitarian Aid Commission and its fields of work, and the coordination mechanisms of national and international organizations to provide assistance in the various sectors, health, education and others. Volunteer Work Registrar at the state Ms. Noha Ibrahim Moussa, ngspoke about the importance of voluntary work in developing society, and helping vulnerable groups to establish the values of solidarity and compassion. She reviewed the fields of work of voluntary organizations, the conditions for registering local organizations in accordance with the regulation of the Voluntary Work Regulation of 2006, and the relations between them and regional and international organizations based on the principle of partnership.