Chile (University of Chile) Mechona Week 2022 will have face-to-face activities on all campuses of the U. of Chile

Between Monday, April 4 and Friday, April 8, the traditional welcome week will be held for the first-year students of the Casa de Bello. The program includes activities in each of the campuses, in order to promote participation in each of the territories.

Mechona Week
The Federation of Students of the University of Chile (FECh) invites the first-year student community to participate in Mechona Week 2022, a tradition that allows students to share, learn about the social role of the University and meet different groups and social organizations within the campus.

With the purpose of promoting participation and reunion between students and the territories,Mechona Week 2022 returns to face-to-face with a series of activities on each of the University’s campuses. This year, the traditional celebration includes the development of various spaces for interaction, such as debates of Organized Groups, workshop on Comprehensive Sex Education and Mental Health and sports and recreational activities.

“The Mechona Week aims to bring the tufts closer to the different university instances that we have raised as a Federation and self-convened students. With this approach we seek to generate community, but also an approach to our Federation, which is characterized by its commitment to social movements and the changes that the country requires,” explainedBascur Cruz, FECh general coordinator.

All first-year students of the University of Chile are invited to these activities. Mobility Pass enabled or Negative PCR (less than 72 hrs) will be required at the entrance to the premises. Register herefor the activities of the Mechona FECH Week 2022.