UK (University of Buckingham) ‘Rising Star’ University of Buckingham student

31 year-old Jehan Ghafuri has been named as one of the 50 Rising Stars by ‘Women of the Future’ in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance).

Jehan, an Artificial Intelligence researcher and DPhil student at the University of Buckingham, has achieved the award for her work as the primary mathematician in the partnership between Shanghai and the University of Buckingham’s School of Computing. Her significant contribution to the project has included researching how data can be utilised to find solutions for cancer detection.

Her impressive work and commitment to such an important project led to a number of recommendations for her to win the accolade, which aims to ‘celebrate talented female trailblazers at the forefront of ESG’.
Since joining Buckingham in 2019, her passion and hard work has been recognised, with Professor Harin Sellahewa, dean of the Faculty of Law, Computing and Psychology, recently stating:

“Jehan is an incredibly talented researcher and a role model for women. She has a great passion for mathematics and computing, and their application to solve global problems.
We are proud of her contributions to promote STEM subjects at schools and her efforts to inspire girls to pursue their dreams.”

Jehan has also shared her delight at the award, along with thanks to professors including Harin Sellahewa and Shabina Begum for nominating her:

“It feels amazing to be listed as a Rising Star. I feel very lucky to have my career as well as other things I’ve done outside that in my country recognised. I hope this encourages other women to pursue science, maths and computing.” The Bucks Herald