DRC (Universite Loyola Du Congo) Dr. Sunda-Meya, Visiting Professor at ULC-Icam, Winner of the 2021 Excellence Award for Teaching Physics in the USA

Anderson Sunda-Meya is Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Xavier University of Louisiana, Norwood Endowment Professor of Physics, and Director of the Dual Degree Engineering Program. A scientist, teacher and humanist, he demonstrated the discipline necessary to remain at the forefront of research and the generosity of spirit necessary to share these achievements with students. Through his constant support of student and faculty engagement, he has created an environment conducive to student success. It has established programs that combine scholarships, program enhancements, mentorship, and support activities designed to attract, retain, and graduate more African-American students in STEM fields.

His interdisciplinary research has been funded by NSF, ARMY, ONR, DURIP, and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). His research focuses on thin-film devices, growth and characterization, cell-penetrating peptides for drug delivery, robotics/mechatronics and autonomous systems, K-12 STEM and innovation. in curricula, production spaces and engineering education. He is an award-winning teacher and mentor, having won Xavier University’s Norman C. Francis Award for service (2011) and teaching (2013).

Anderson Sunda-Meya earned a BS in Physics from Central North Carolina University (2001) and a PhD in Physics from North Carolina State University (2007). He also holds a license and a laurea (equivalent to a master’s degree) in philosophy and a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Gregorian University (Rome, Italy).

Selection committee :

Members of the selection committee for the year 2021: Stamatis Vokos (president), Dimitri Dounas-Fraser (vice-president), Wolfgang Christian (winner of the ’20 prize), Carolina Alvarado, Jackie Chini, Idaykis Rodriguez, Lawrence Woolf