Algeria (Université Des Sciences Islamiques) The FSIP Awards Its 14th Ijaza

Mohammad Regis received his Ijaza for reading the Koran in the Warch version from the hands of his teacher Cheikh Farid OUYALIZE and Nourredine BELHOUT , director of the FSIP, during a moving ceremony held on Monday June 15 in the premises of the FSIP‏.

Régis chose Islam 20 years ago, and had set himself the goal of constantly improving his recitation, and especially his understanding of the Koran. After learning Arabic, he set out to find who could help him progress in this direction.

Thanks to his tenacity and perseverance, he was able to meet Cheikh Farid OUYALIZE who agreed to take him on as a student at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences of Paris FSIP.

Mohammad Régis is the first “convert”, to whom Cheikh Farid Ouyalize issued an Ijaza. He is now part of this long chain of reciters that leads to the Prophet ﷺ, and will now be able to share his knowledge by teaching young apprentice reciters.