Belgium (Université de Liège) The Green Office represents the University of Liege at the COP27

Sustainable development is at the heart of the teaching and research missions of the University of Liege, which is firmly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities. The ULiège Green Office has set up a program of innovative challenges aimed at raising awareness, training and, above all, engaging the ULiège community in reducing its carbon footprint. Invited this week to the COP27, the Green Office will share this experience with the entire network of theAgence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), which includes more than 1000 universities and colleges in 119 countries. The AUF awarded its coup de coeur prize to the Green Office’s commitment program during the United Nations Campus 2030 competition. Cécile Van de Weerdt, scientific coordinator of the Green Office, and Laura Germain, replication officer of the engagement program, will also take part in the round table “Academic research and science at the bedside of the climate”.

Let’s calculate our carbon footprint and act together!

For the duration of COP27 and until December 8, World Climate Day, members of the ULiège community are invited to understand where greenhouse gases are hidden in their daily lives! How can they do this? By answering a few questions on an online calculator!

In 3 days, 349 participants have already made the calculation and committed themselves to take concrete actions to reduce their impact on global warming. During the previous edition of this carbon footprint challenge, which brought together many French-speaking universities and colleges in the spring of 2022, 2743 participants were counted and their cumulative commitments amounted to 5224 tons of CO2 avoided. A record to beat for this new edition of the challenge: let’s act together for the climate!

I calculate my carbon footprint

Are you a teacher or a supervisor? To boost the participation of your students in the calculation of the carbon footprint, the Green Office offers you to carry out a short activity during your classes (estimate: 30 min)! All the materials are ready and the activity has already been successfully tested.



The University of Liège has created an internal fund to support sustainable initiatives, financed by a voluntary contribution from air travellers, calculated on the basis of the greenhouse gas emissions of their journey. This initiative is supported by the Green Office, which has contributed to this fund as part of its participation in the COP27.