Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (Mexico) National Congress of Crystallography Begins at the UAEU

*There are 272 registered participants, most are from various states of the Mexican Republic

*The program includes eight lectures on research on biomaterials, nanotechnology, pharmacology, environmental sciences and plastic materials


Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo. – The Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (UAEH) inaugurated the XI National Congress of Crystallography and the VII National Meeting of Diffractometry organized by the Mexican Society of Crystallography (SMCr), this Wednesday at the University Cultural Center “La Garza”.


The event will take place on November 30, December 01 and 02. One of its objectives is to promote the Museum of Mineralogy that is located in the central building of the University and is one of the oldest samples in the country.


Within the opening ceremony, Otilio Acevedo Sandoval, director of the Institute of Basic Sciences and Engineering (ICBI), representing Octavio Castillo Acosta, rector of the UAEH, stressed the importance of crystallography in today’s life. “The role it has played in the structural sciences has been fundamental, also in the area of medicine, agronomy, aeronautics, mechanics, cosmetology, as well as in computing devices and mobile phones,” he said.


He stressed that thanks to research in this area, other areas such as chemistry, biology, architecture, engineering, among others, have been able to evolve and develop over the years, which is why spaces such as the Congress manage to bring researchers closer to developers, as well as students to share results and ideas. “Therefore, it is essential that these spaces help more people join the effort made by the SMCr,” he said.


Márius Ramírez Cardona, research professor of the Academic Area of Earth Sciences and Materials of the UAEH, and president of the SMCr, announced that this type of events open to publicize the work of researchers in the field of different universities and organizations throughout Mexico. He thanked the maximum house of studies of the entity for the support for the organization of this event and give space so that the 272 registered can participate in a pertinent and adequate way the activities that the Congress will have.


He mentioned that the Congress program includes eight lectures on research on biomaterials, nanotechnology, pharmacology, environmental sciences and plastic materials. Likewise, there will be 10 short lectures, the presentation of posters, in addition, an unprecedented course will be taught in Mexico on the structural refinement program PROFEX / BGMN, prelude to a meeting of crystallographic software users.


Finally, María Magdalena Jiménez Vega, from the Division of Extension of Culture of the UAEH, welcomed the participants, students and guests. He indicated that the agency he represents has always motivated events that are related to culture and science, in addition, as responsible for the cultural heritage of the Autonomous of Hidalgo, they welcome an event that promotes such an important museum.


“We are grateful that the congress aims to promote the university museum, of which we are so proud, that it is up to us to manage, administer and protect,” concluded María Jiménez.