Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (Mexico) AEH tutoring coordinator training culminates

* It will allow a better service to be offered in favor of Garza students

*The courses Tools of the Tutor Teacher to Support Academic Performance were carried out, as well as Basic Strategies and Tools for the Tutorial Activity taught by ANUIES


Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo. – A total of 32 academics from the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (UAEH) received proof that accredits the completion of the courses Tools of the Tutor Teacher to Support Academic Performance, as well as Basic Strategies and Tools for Tutorial Activity, training given under the support of the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES).


The certificates of completion were delivered through a protocol ceremony held in the Rectory Towers, which was headed by the coordinator of the Academic Division, Orlando Ávila Pozos, on behalf of the rector Octavio Castillo Acosta, in the company of Alma Gabriela Neri Pego, director of Educational Development of ANUIES, as well as Dinorah Olvera Meneses, Director of Tutorials at the UAEH.


During his speech, the coordinator of the Academic Division stressed that in recent years, the maximum house of studies of the entity remains above the national average in the terminal efficiency of the undergraduate level. However, he pointed out the importance of the work done by the Directorate of Tutorials to support Garza students to continue with their educational project.


In addition, he thanked those who participated in the courses for their effort and commitment, because on this occasion there was 100% attendance, which at the same time translates into a benefit for the students and ratifies the commitment of the tutors.


In her opportunity, Alma Gabriela Neri Pego, from ANUIES, recognized the responsibility of this house of studies for executing the pertinent procedures for the realization of this course, as well as the participants.


He stated that the work of Tutoring goes beyond just being close to young people, because it is an everyday job, where it is important to know the factors that generate a young person to stop studying, because in that decision they truncate their life projects, therefore, it is necessary to know the great commitment that is had in this activity.


Meanwhile, the director of Tutorials of the UAEH, Dinorah Olvera Meneses, explained that the University is part of the Network of Tutorials of the Center-South Region of ANUIES, so it was sought to access support to take the courses that are offered.


He reported that the courses Tools of the Tutor Teacher to Support Academic Performance were taken, as well as Basic Strategies and Tools for the Tutorial Activity, in which 32 general coordinators of the Institutional Tutoring Program of the University participated, both at the baccalaureate and undergraduate levels.


“We were fortunate to have a greater interest on the part of coordinators to train and have the necessary tools to achieve a better accompaniment to our students and thereby contribute to their training is comprehensive and the objectives of graduating are achieved, whether at the baccalaureate, undergraduate or postgraduate level, “said the university directive at the end.