UK (University of Roehampton) Roehampton Partners with Portugal Prints to Expand Arts-based Mental Health Intervention

The University of Roehampton, in collaboration with Portugal Prints part of Mind in Brent, Wandsworth & Westminster (MBWW), has recently received a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) award from Innovate UK. Portugal Prints, which has been operating for over 40 years, provides a unique therapeutic arts program for individuals with severe mental health needs. The KTP project aims to expand and enhance their service by achieving three primary objectives. Firstly, to develop an evaluation and outcomes framework to measure the effectiveness of the intervention at Portugal Prints. Secondly, to package the service model in a way that allows mental health providers and other organizations to replicate it. Lastly, to market the model as a commercial product, ensuring quality assurance and consistency.

Image - Roehampton Partners with Portugal Prints to Expand Arts-based Mental Health Intervention

Dr. Jonathan Isserow, Associate Professor and Head of Partnerships & Community Engagement at the School of Psychology, University of Roehampton, has stated “I am delighted that the KTP will allow us to work with Portugal Prints at Mind, Brent, Westminster and Wandsworth. This will ensure a wide national reach of their innovative arts in health intervention and promote mental wellness through creativity!”

To support this initiative, the University of Roehampton is seeking an Evaluation Project Manager (KTP Associate). This role will oversee the evaluation and commercialization processes, working closely with academic experts from the university and colleagues from Mind. The successful candidate will need a strong understanding of evaluation, therapy, and commercial aspects to contribute to the project’s success. To find out more about the job description and to apply for this vacancy please visit this link –

Paul Faulkner and Jonathan Isserow from the School of Psychology and Bari Malik from the School of Business will work closely with colleagues at MBWW, to ensure that the KTP associate is appropriately supported and supervised to deliver the project to completion.

This partnership between the University of Roehampton and Portugal Prints holds great promise for transforming mental health support in the UK. By harnessing the power of art and creativity, the project aims to provide individuals with meaningful opportunities to lead fulfilling lives beyond mental health services.