UK (University of Reading) Flooding research centre-stage at Royal Society showcase

Potentially life-saving flooding research from the University of Reading will be showcased at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition this week to start conversations about climate science.

The prestigious science showcase returns to London this year (4-9 July), and hydrologists and meteorologists from the University will be exhibiting their work on flood preparedness and management.

Visitors will be invited to try their hand at flood prediction and prompt discussions about climate change using the climate stripes – a graphic representation of how the planet is warming.

Professor Hannah Cloke will also deliver a lightning lecture on what happens when there’s too much water. In it, she’ll explore what inspired her to become a flooding specialist, how data can allow us to predict floods, and how these predictions can help people prepare for them.

Professor Cloke said: “I’m really excited to be attending the Summer Science Exhibition this year. This is a great opportunity for the public to get hands-on with the work we do, and to help raise awareness of the risks from floods and the different ways to reduce that risk.

“We hope that this will inspire the next generation of hydrologists and meteorologists to start getting involved in water science and think about how their own lives and communities have been affected by flooding.”

How can we better predict floods?

Around the world, floods destroy thousands of homes and livelihoods each year, and are becoming more common as the climate warms. Researchers from Water@Reading are helping communities better prepare for these disasters by improving flood forecasting and management systems.

The team have worked with governments, forecasting authorities and humanitarian agencies across the globe to prepare for the impacts of floods before they happen. By implementing early warning systems and raising awareness of the importance of flood preparedness, Reading scientists are minimising the damage caused by flooding.

Summer Science Exhibition 2023

The University of Reading will be attending the Summer Science Exhibition on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 July at 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG.

View the full programme of events on the Royal Society website.

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