UK (University of Buckingham) Buckingham Alumni team up in Council’s top jobs

Buckingham Alumni team up in Council’s top jobs

21 June 2023

The University of Buckingham is delighted that two former students were recently elected to serve together as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Buckingham Town Council. 

Anja Schaefer was elected Mayor of Buckingham, while Adekunle Osibogun was elected as Deputy Mayor.Anja Schaefer, Mayor of Buckingham

Anja studied her DPhil in Marketing at The University of Buckingham and has since gone on to have a successful career in academia. Anja started as a Research Associate, before going on to become a Lecturer and most recently, a Senior Lecturer.  

Anja Schaefer said: “It was a great honour to be made the Mayor of Buckingham, and I look forward to serving the people of Buckingham as their mayor in the next 12 months.” 

“The town of Buckingham, and the University both benefit from a close and friendly relationship. The university is not only one of the biggest employers in the town, but its students and staff enrich our town and cultural life immensely. I look forward to working with Cllr. Osibogun as my Deputy Mayor to make Buckingham an even better place to live.” 

Adekunle studied his Phd in Law at The University of Buckingham, going on to set up his own legal consultancy firm, as well as working in academia as a Lecturer.Adekunle Osibogun, Deputy Mayor of Buckingham

Adekunle Osibogun said: “I’m pleased to continue the strong town-gown relationship in Buckingham and I consider myself proof of the potential benefits of this functional relationship. I was attracted to Buckingham by the University, while the local community of Buckingham helped create an attractive environment for me to live, work and thrive.” 

“I will be supporting both the Town Mayor, and the Vice Chancellor to sustain and improve strong town-gown relationships, focusing on improved community engagements and enhancement of our local economy.” 

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