UK (St George’s University of London) Student recognised at 2023 Student Social Mobility Awards

Many congratulations to graduate entry Medicine student Vafie Sheriff who has won the Government, Politics and the Public Sector Award at the 2023 Student Social Mobility Awards.

The Student Social Mobility Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of undergraduates from lower socio-economic backgrounds from across the UK. Hosted annually, the awards recognise students who have excelled in their field and demonstrated great resilience, determination or initiative.

Vafie was nominated because of his work with Student MedAid London and was one of 175 nominees across the Student Social Mobility Awards. The awards ceremony took place on Thursday 13 July at Mansion House in London.

Reflecting on his success at the ceremony, Vafie says:

“It is an absolute honour to be acknowledged for all the work that not only I have put in, but all the people at Student MedAid London, all the staff at St George’s, University of London, St George’s Students’ Union and also my friends and family, especially my fiancé and parents.

It really motivates me to continue all the work I do and strive to keep exceeding any preconceived expectations of people from my background.

– Vafie Sheriff –

“Visibility and access are some of the biggest challenges facing the social mobility space in the UK. As a high achiever in a state school you’re still far less likely to become aware of schemes and programs that would be advantageous to your future career. You’re also less likely to have the contacts that peers from a private education may naturally have available to them.

“I hope that the Student Social Mobility Awards ceremony highlights the amazing work being done by a wide range of individuals from many backgrounds and highlights to the rest of the country that success comes in many forms.

You don’t have to wait to be at the top of your field, or have even graduated, to start accomplishing your dreams and having an impact both locally, nationally and even globally.

– Vafie Sheriff –

Many congratulations, Vafie!

The Student Social Mobility Awards are organised by the social mobility charity upReach each year to recognise the incredible achievements of undergraduate students, organisations and individuals striving to improve social mobility across the UK.