UK (Birmingham City University) BCU’s electric vehicle test rig prepares students for the future of the automotive industry

Are you interested in a career in the automotive industry? The industry is currently undergoing a significant shift towards electric vehicles, and it’s expected that soon, electric vehicles will dominate the market. That means you need to have knowledge and expertise in electric vehicles to be successful in this industry.

That’s where Birmingham City University (BCU) comes in – BCU has recognized this trend and invested in a purpose-built electric vehicle test rig (EVTR) to provide students with relevant, practical, and job-related training for their careers in the automotive and transportation fields. The EVTR is an Electric Machine Dynamometer (EMD) supplied by Continental Engineering Services in conjunction with BCU and has a value of £520K. 

At BCU, you’ll learn how to work safely around electric vehicles while carrying out routine maintenance. You’ll also learn how to understand the complete system by breaking it down into sub-systems and working out how they communicate. Additionally, you’ll learn how to interpret test data, schematics, and connections, which are essential skills for any future automotive engineer. 


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BCU’s investment in the EVTR facility provides students with a practical and hands-on approach to learning about electric vehicles, which is an essential requirement for future automotive professionals. Students like Mohammed, an automotive engineering student, believe that raising their knowledge about electric vehicles could help them find a job in the industry. Lilly, a biomedical engineering student, is interested in learning more about charging and discharging systems for her future projects, while Ali, an MSc student, is working on thermal management. Ali has achieved valuable information and experiences by doing his project at this facility, which helped him to grasp a better understanding of the engineering involved in the recent years of the automotive industry. 

Whether you’re an automotive engineering student like Mohammed or a biomedical engineering student like Lilly, the EVTR facility at BCU will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the automotive industry.