Uganda (Makerere University) Statement on Accreditation of University Academic Programmes

The University Management’s attention is drawn to information circulating in the media pointing to the expiry of several academic programmes offered at Ugandan Universities, including Makerere University.

Makerere University wishes to reassure its stakeholders that all the 331 academic programmes offered at the University and its affiliated institutions including Makerere University Business School (MUBS) are accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

Nevertheless, Makerere University periodically reviews its academic programmes as a quality assurance mechanism of the University, which confirms continuous relevance of the curriculum and complies with the NCHE requirements.

The periodic review of academic programmes is a rigorous process involving the departments, schools and colleges of the University. It also includes the University Senate, a specific University Council Committee dedicated to Quality Assurance, and the University Council. The programme review is consultative and includes stakeholders from industry, the Government, civil society, professional bodies and the NCHE.

As a result of the reviews, the curriculum for some academic programmes is adjusted, maintained or merged. Some programmes are phased out entirely.

We note that the schedule of expired programmes circulating in the media includes 89 programmes that were phased out and are no longer offered at Makerere University. The remaining programmes either completed the review or are at different stages of the review process, including at the NCHE.

The University Management wishes to reassure its alumni, current students and stakeholders that all the University’s academic progammes are accredited by the NCHE. Management is following up with the NCHE to ensure that the pending reviews are completed without further delay.

The ongoing engagements with NCHE will also provide further clarification on the inaccurate information circulating in the media.

“As we build for the Future”

Professor Henry Alinaitwe