Nanchang University (China) The school held a chorus party of “Songs and Gifts to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Striving for a New Journey”

On the evening of November 17th, Nanchang University’s 2022 “Songs and Presents to the 20th Congress, Striving for a New Journey” chorus party jointly organized by the School’s Party Committee Propaganda Department, the School Youth League Committee, the Party Committee’s Teacher Work Department, and the Academic Affairs Office was held in the indoor gymnasium. The 14 participating teams in the school sang praises to the 20th National Congress.

School party and government leaders Yu Xiaoshe, Chen Yeguang, Li Deping, Liu Yaobin, Xu Qiuzhen, Xu Guangbing, Rao Yong, etc. gathered with teachers and students to watch the party. Sheng Fenglin, vocal music educator, Du Huan, president of Jiangxi Provincial Song and Dance Theater, Gan Xiaoping, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Zhang Xiang, vice chairman of Jiangxi Provincial Musicians Association, and Tu Xiaolu, music frequency director of Jiangxi Radio and Television Station, served as judges.

Accompanied by the melodious singing of “Pilot” from the Academy of Arts, the chorus party officially began. On the stage, teachers and students of Nanfang University were neatly dressed and brightly dressed. They were high-spirited and high-spirited, and expressed their deep love and good expectations for the motherland with loud and clear singing.

Overcoming thorns and thorns, dare to change the sun and the moon into a new sky. In the first chapter “Creating the World”, the moving melody brings the audience back to the magnificent century-old great cause. “Pursuing” is simple and sincere, “The Direction of the Party Flag Flying” is inspiring, “Glory and Dream” sings the magnificent atmosphere of the great Chinese people, and “I Love You China” expresses the most affectionate confession to the motherland… Recalling the glorious past , just at this time of prosperity, with hundreds of boats competing for the stream and thousands of flowers blooming, young students paid tribute to the heroic years with magnificent song and dance performances, and sounded the horn of struggle.

Grow with the times and give youth great dreams. In the second chapter “Great Change”, “Youth” conveys the firm confidence of young people to be brave to open the way. The spiritual strength of being in the same boat through thick and thin… The passionate and uplifting music combined with the passionate singing of the contestants brought the atmosphere of the audience to a climax.

Looking forward to the road ahead, we are full of pride and ambition. In the third chapter “A New Journey”, the performances of songs such as “Don’t Forget the Original Heart”, “Start Again” and “Under the Bright Sun” vividly demonstrated the self-confidence, self-improvement and self-reliance of NTU people. They sang loudly and walked sonorously. Standing on the stage, they are the best of NTU. The future has come, and I will come in the future. Teachers and students of Nanjing University will help Prosperous China with forging ahead and hard work.

Appendix: List of Winners of Nanchang University Chorus Competition

Excellent Organization Award: First Clinical Medical College·First Affiliated Hospital, Logistics Service Group, Second Clinical Medical College·Second Affiliated Hospital, School of Journalism and Communication, Party Working Committee of Organs, Department of Medicine·Huankui Academy, Engineering Construction College, School of Art, Jiluan Academy, School of Architecture and Design.

First Prize: The Second Clinical Medical College, The Second Affiliated Hospital, and Logistics Service Group.

Second Prize: School of Architecture and Design, Jiluan College, School of Journalism and Communication, School of Public Policy and Management.

Third prize: Department of Medicine·Huankui Academy, School of Mathematics and Computer, School of Foreign Languages, First Clinical Medical College·First Affiliated Hospital, Tourism College, Humanities College, School of Stomatology·Affiliated Dental Hospital, Engineering Construction College.