Brunei Darussalam (Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University) National Institute of Islamic Research (IAIN) science visit program at Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University in Palobo, Indonesia

On November 14, 2022, the State Islamic Institute of Palopo, Indonesia has held a Scientific Visit Program which the Graduate Studies Center (PPS), Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali was entrusted to carry out the program which took place at UNISSA.

This Scientific Visit Program aims to activate the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that is still ongoing between two Islamic institutions of higher learning (IPT). This program was attended by the Director of the Graduate Studies Center (PPS), Dr. Azme bin Haji Matali. Also present were the Deputy Director, Dr. Hajah Masuriyati binti Haji Yahya, chairpersons of the UNISSA Graduate Program and 40 students from the two Islamic IPTs. Meanwhile, the delegation attended by IAIN Palopo, Indonesia consisted of the Postgraduate Director of IAIN Palopo, Dr. H.M. Zuhri Abu Nawas, Deputy Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Edhy Rustan, lecturers, staff and graduates of IAIN Palopo.

The program took the form of a scientific discussion through the presentation of working papers that have been presented by several UNISSA and IAIN Palopo academics as presenters. The meeting between the two Islamic Higher Education Institutions can strengthen the friendship that has been established for a long time in addition to gaining useful knowledge.