Southeast University (China) The School of Architecture of Southeast University held a series of activities to celebrate its 95th anniversary

On November 20th, the 95th Anniversary Celebration of the School of Architecture of Southeast University and the opening ceremony of “Singing Songs – History Exhibition of the 95th Anniversary of the School of Architecture of Southeast University” were held on the Sipailou campus. Zhou Lan, Director of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province, Gu Xiaoping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Director of the Agriculture and Rural Committee, Zhong Wenqi, Vice President of Southeast University, Academician Miao Changwen, Academician Wang Jianguo, Academician Duan Jin, Academician Liu Jiaping, Suzhou Municipal People’s Government Deputy Mayor Shi Jiahong, Chief Planner of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Natural Resources Chen Xiaohui, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Nanjing Planning and Natural Resources Bureau Ye Bin, Director of Nanjing Civil Air Defense Office Fu Yang and other leading guests, brothers and departments of universities in Jiangsu Province, in Ning Design Institute, Planning Institute, Academy of Construction Sciences and other academic and industry leading experts, alumni representatives and some teachers and students participated in the event.

In her speech, Zhong Wenqi expressed warm congratulations to the 95th anniversary of the School of Architecture on behalf of the school, condolences to all the teachers, students and alumni at home and abroad, and warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests from all walks of life. He said that over the past 95 years, generations of architectural scholars at Dongda University have striven for self-improvement, pioneered and forged ahead, integrated the heritage of a thousand years of culture, inherited the tradition of honesty, simplicity and majesty, carried forward the spirit of integrity and innovation, and pursued the realm of “striving for perfection”. The world-renowned Southeast School has become one of the most important scientific research bases of architecture and one of the leaders of architectural education in China. It is hoped that the School of Architecture will take the 95th anniversary of its founding as an opportunity to start a new journey of passing on the torch and forging ahead.

In his speech, Zhang Tong, Dean of the School of Architecture, reviewed the history of the School of Architecture, and expressed his gratitude to people from all walks of life and previous alumni who have cared about and supported the development of the School for a long time. The architecture discipline of Southeast University, based in Nanjing, has been nourished by this kind of cultural time and space and keen intersection of vision since the establishment of the discipline, and cultivated a unique academic style between macroscopic pattern and critical examination. temperament. In the course of 95 years of development, the academic focus and educational philosophy have never deviated from the comprehensive value and creative contribution of design, nor have they deviated from the ontology of space and construction as the core of architecture. He said that based on the current situation, in this changing world and era of transformation, we review and examine the 95-year history of Southeast Architecture, and we can more clearly identify our own identity and ability, which also prompts us to further use keen scientific research, The grand historical vision and vigorous design creation promote the construction of human settlements and the sustainable development of its disciplines.

Li Qing, an alumnus majoring in architecture in 1976 and a master of design in Jiangsu Province, and Lang Leijie, a graduate student in 2022 of the School of Architecture, spoke as alumni representatives and student representatives respectively, congratulating the 95th anniversary of the school.

At the opening ceremony of the Academy History Exhibition, the donation ceremony of Liu Dunzhen’s literature and Cui Yuzhang’s paintings was held. Mr. Liu Dunzhen is one of the pioneers in the field of higher architectural education and architectural history and theoretical research in China, as well as one of the founders of the School of Architecture. He has made significant pioneering contributions to the discipline and the school. Professor Liu Xujie, a descendant of Mr. Liu Dunzhen, donated his manuscripts, books, articles and other documents to the college. Mr. Cui Yuzhang is a famous watercolor painter in my country. In 1949, he graduated from the art department of Central University, the predecessor of Southeast University, and studied under Xu Beihong, Huang Junbi, Fu Baoshi and other famous masters. He has devoted himself to the creation and research of watercolor painting and Chinese painting for a long time, absorbing both Chinese and Western painting techniques, as well as traditional brush and ink techniques, forming a fresh and timeless painting style blended with water and color. Mr. Cui Yuzhang’s wife, Ms. Zhang Xiadi, donated 200 paintings of Mr. Cui to the academy.

Afterwards, the participating leaders and guests visited the “Singing Songs – Exhibition of the History of the 95th Anniversary of the School of Architecture of Southeast University” and visited the “Old Collection of Southeast University · China Construction Society Edition · Exhibition of Chinese Architecture” in the Asian Architecture Archives Center And the International Built Environment Innovation Experiment Center under construction.

The School of Architecture of Southeast University is the birthplace of modern architecture in China. It was formerly known as the Department of Architecture of the National Central University. Famous architects Professor Yang Tingbao, Professor Tong Shi and Professor Liu Dunzhen have taught and presided over the work here for a long time. For more than 90 years, the School of Architecture has trained many senior architectural talents for the country, including 12 academicians and 15 national engineering survey and design masters. The School of Architecture is the affiliated unit of the previous directors of the National Architecture Professional Teaching Steering Committee.