Nigeria (Redeemer’s University) Run Management Joins Fight Against Climate Change

In a recent article by the climate scientist and professor Tom Crowther from Swiss university
ETH Zürich titled “Tree planting is the ‘most powerful solution in the fight against climate
change”, the ETH Zurich scientist declared that tree planting is the most powerful solution to fight against climate change and a solution to global warming, tree planting has the potential to be “overwhelmingly more powerful than all of the other climate change solutions proposed.”

He also added that trees are a vital tool, as they have the ability to capture carbon
from the atmosphere and store it for generations. With this view in mind, the management of the Redeemer’s University, Ede, led by Professor Anthony Akinlo has collaborated with the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) to enhance the beauty of the university by planting 8000 eco-friendly trees.

The occasion was graced by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Anthony Akinlo, who was happy
about the eight thousand seedlings donated by FRIN’s boss. He said that the trees, especially the economic and fruit trees, when mature, will yield an increase for the future benefits of the university community and society. The Principal Officers of the university and committee members took turns planting and watering the seedlings during the official tree planting ceremony, recently in the university.

The committee for tree planting, chaired by Dr Ernest Durugbo, held the official tree planting ceremony of the first set of trees donated by the management of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, led by Professor Adesola Adepoju. While speaking to Dr Durugbo, he explained that a nursery close to a dam had been specially made available by the management for the five thousand out of eight thousand seedlings recently transported from the FRIN facility. The seedlings comprise economic trees, medicinal plants, fruit trees, ornamentals, safety trees, timber trees and so on.

The committee also ensured community members that they were committed to the significant project of starting a botanical garden that can be turned into a park in the university from the donated trees. Some of these trees have been planted along the new girl’s hostel block up to the Faculty of Engineering building, and the planting will continue before the rainy season ends.

The committee on tree planting has charged the community members to be careful and
watchful in order not to endanger the trees that have been planted by the committee. They
stated that every member of this community has a responsibility to preserve the trees that
have been planted at different locations in the university.