Egypt (Port Said University) For the third year in a row, Port Said University is ranked in the British Times University Rankings.

The British Times Ranking for the year 2023 was announced, and Port Said University advanced 200 places from the previous year’s edition 2022, where Port Said University ranked 1001-1200.The results of the classification also showed that Port Said University ranked 17 locally among 26 Egyptian universities, who were selected only to participate in the classification. The number of universities that are ranked is 1,799 universities from 104 countries from around the world. On this occasion, Dr Prof. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim, the president of the university, congratulates the graduate studies and research sector at the university on the occasion of the continuation of Port Said University in the ranks of the most prestigious international universities in the classification, which reflects the extent of the effort exerted in the field of upgrading scientific research at the university. Dr Prof. Rawya Rizk, Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, explained that this classification is one of the versions of the British Times classifications for institutions of higher education, which it issues annually to compare the performance of universities globally, and that the British Times classification depends on several criteria, including scientific citations, the research impact of the university and the number of faculty members and students, research competence, and the extent to which the university is linked to industry and scientific research, in addition to the educational environment.