Sudan (Omdurman Islamic University) The Rector of the University visits the cities of Tabit and Tambol to determine the readiness of the infrastructure to establish / branches of the university

Professor Al-Fateh Al-Ink Omar Ahmed, the university director, visited on Saturday, October 15, 2022 AD, the cities of Tabit, Sheikh Abdul Mahmoud and Tambol, in the state of Al-Jazirah, to determine the extent of the infrastructure readiness for the establishment of the university’s branches at the request of the local community in the two cities. The possibility of establishing and establishing a university branch in Tabat, and thinking about how the branch succeeded in spreading the university’s message and reassured the university director and his accompanying delegation about the equipment and additions to the proposed site, where it was agreed to move forward by completing the necessary procedures with the competent authorities. Then the university delegation headed to the city of Timbol, east of Al-Jazira State, where it visited the hospital and the College of Veterinary Medicine, Al-Batana University, and concluded the inspection visit by visiting the proposed site for the establishment of the Tempul branch