Ocean University (China) OUC Made New Progress in Gene Editing of Macroalgae

Recently, the Key Laboratory of Marine Genetics and Breeding (College of Marine Life Sciences, Ocean University of China) has made a series of significant achievements in the construction of a genome editing system for Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis. Prof. Sui Zhenghong led the research and the team published its findings in Plant Biotechnology Journal under the title of “CRISPR/LbCas12a-mediated targeted mutation of Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis”. The article reported for the first time the mutation of target genes based on the CRISPR / LbCas12a genome editing system in Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis. The study provides an important reference for the construction of a gene editing system for macroalgae.


Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis is the main raw material of agar and food for abalone. However, there is a lack of technical means for genetic transformation, which limits the efficient breeding and development of Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis. Due to the special biological characteristics of macroalgae, there is no report on successful gene editing. Therefore, the research team developed a scheme to transform the Cas12a protein and gRNA complex with a gene gun, which greatly simplifies the experimental process. The gene editing performed by the team provides a technical means for studying Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis, and is of great significance for genetic breeding.