Lesotho (National University of Lesotho) Faculty of Law bids farewell to Professor Mtendeweka Mhango

On the 7th September, 2022, the Faculty of Law hosted a farewell ceremony for the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Mtendeweka Mhango. The ceremony was held in the Netherlands Hall with guests from various institutions that Prof. Mhango has worked with since joining the University and leading the Faculty.

In her welcome remarks, Dr. Matsepo R. Kulehile, highlighted the amazing and outstanding work the professor has done since joining NUL in October 2018.  The most outstanding and most remarkable examples are his collaboration with his colleagues and external stakeholders such as Metropolitan Lesotho in the creation of new policies such as the Research Chairs policies of 2020. He championed the establishment of three Research Chairs in the Faculty of Law, namely the NUL-Metropolitan Research Chair, World Trade Organization Research Chair as well as the Human Rights Research Chair.

This created international visibility for NUL as it collaborated with universities, regional and global organizations and the private sector. With the efforts of Prof. Mhango, for the first time in its history, NUL stands to offer not only a Master’s degree in Law but also a PhD in Law.

In his heartfelt speech, Professor Mhango highlighted the need to strive for what one wants and to never give up no matter the obstacles, a feat that got him to where he is today. “It has always been a wonderful journey,” he said, showing his immense gratitude to the University, his colleagues, Metropolitan Lesotho and various other institutions and people who contributed in his life. Most importantly, Prof. Mhango thanked his family for being his strongest support system and always by his side, no matter what.

On behalf of colleagues from the Faculty of Law, Adv. Mamello Makau gave a tear-inducing speech extending appreciation to Prof. Mhango.

“We love you, we appreciate the exceptional leadership with which you have led the faculty of Law: we promise we will continue to grow the Faculty of Law. Our prayer for you is that you get your flowers while you are still alive…and we hope that they will appreciate you just as much as we appreciate you in the Faculty of Law”, Adv. Makau proclaimed.

NUL Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Olusola Fajana related his first encounter with Prof. Mhango indicating that he saw a very humble being and very down to earth person.

“Today, we celebrate competence and excellence. We are celebrating a man who believes not on competition but collaboration and man who is a great team player”, Professor Fajana said.

Prof. Mhango joined NUL in October 2018. A year later, in October 2019, he was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of law, an assignment that saw him pioneering and propelling various works for which he became recognized.