Sudan (National Ribat University) The National Ribat University and Koshait sign a contract for the university’s digital transformation project

The National Ribat University and Koshait signed a contract for a digital and technological transformation project alongside the General Directorate of Communications and Information Technology as an advisory body represented by Major General Police. Adel Ahmed Ali, Director of the General Administration of Communications and Information Technology, this morning, in the office of the president of the university, in the presence of the police team (legal) Dr. Al-Adel Ajeeb Yaqoub, the university’s director, and the police major-general (jurist) Dr. Amer Abdul-Rahman Othman, the deputy director, his assistants and directors of public administrations at the university, by Kushait Company The signing ceremony was attended by Major General Mohamed Abdel Hamid Al-Seyoufi, the company’s director, and his deputy, Major General Al-Fateh Abdel Karim, along with a number of directors of the Kushait company’s departments. Major General Mohamed Abdel Hamid El-Seyoufi, director of Koshait, confirmed that their signing of the digital transformation project contract with the University of Rabat is a major qualitative leap and an inevitable step in the framework of the transition to the digital system, which represents the spirit of this era, especially as it has become one of the requirements for higher education institutions, adding, The signing of this contract is a developmental programming that will bring about a major change in the field of knowledge exchange, stressing that the university has drawn the features of the future and is arming itself with the latest findings in modern knowledge technologies. The company’s solid relations with the university will push this project to reach its desired goals, adding that the company has embarked on the implementation of the “Habbak Ten” service via mobile in a technological shift that will be added to this digital shift planned by the National Ribat University, adding that all these efforts will serve the digital transformation project, which The state is heading to him in all its faculties. Police Lieutenant-General (Jurist) Kamal Abdel Moneim Ahmed M., Director of the University for Administrative and Financial Affairs, affirmed the university’s keenness to provide the best services by taking advantage of the digital development that affected most aspects of life, adding that the university’s tendency to adopt the digital transformation project stems from their conviction that these are the most important pillars of the promotion of higher education. , stressing that the one-team spirit prevailing among the university’s employees is what paved the way for this advanced step, and his honor extends his thanks and appreciation to each of the Koshait company, which did not hesitate to assign this important project, and to everyone who contributed to see the light, stressing that the close relations of the University of Rabat and the Koshait company are that paved the way for this signature. The police team (legal) Dr. Al-Adel Ajeb Yaqoub, the university director, concluded the signing ceremony with a word in which he thanked the company for its efforts in technical and digital development. He promised to sign with Koshait as a qualitative leap that would contribute to transferring the university to the ranks of international universities, and promised a major shift in the field of technical education. At the National Ribat University, which shortens a great deal of time and effort for the university’s employees and students in facilitating administrative and academic services, both of which serve to receive information, in addition to services. It is worth noting that Kamal Abdel Moneim Ahmed signed on behalf of the university, while Major General Al-Fateh Abdel Karim, deputy director of the company, signed on behalf of the company