Nanjing Agriculture University (China) Quanyuan Bio-organic Fertilizer High Value Patent Cultivation Center Project Demonstration Meeting Held Successfully

On September 7, 2022, the demonstration meeting of Nanjing Agricultural University Quanyuan Bio-organic Fertilizer High-Value Patent Cultivation Center Project led by Academician Shen Qirong was held in Huashan Hotel. Ding Lan, Director of the Industry Promotion Division of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, He Huaying, Deputy Director of the Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Yang Zhengning, Director of the Application Promotion Division, Li Rong, Dean of the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Chen Li, Vice President of the Academy of Sciences, and relevant representatives of the project undertaking units attended meeting.

On behalf of the project team, Li Rong reported the construction of the “Quanyuan Bio-organic Fertilizer High-Value Patent Cultivation Center”, focusing on the working mechanism and cultivation incentive mechanism of the high-value patent cultivation demonstration center, and demonstrated the cultivation results of high-value patent projects on the spot . Yang Zhengning commented on the implementation of the project, fully affirmed the effectiveness of the project, and hoped that the project team would better play a leading role in demonstration and achieve high-quality industrial development.

The high-value patent cultivation center project of Quanyuan Bio-organic Fertilizer was established in 2019. It mainly focuses on the construction of strain resource bank, waste recycling technology, and high-density solid fermentation of functional Trichoderma to carry out patent navigation and layout of Quanyuan Bio-organic Fertilizer. Established a high-value patent full life cycle management platform and a complete bio-organic fertilizer cloud platform, forming a relatively complete high-value patent cultivation mechanism; during the construction period, it applied for 159 Chinese patents and 5 PCT patents, and created a complete bio-organic fertilizer product More than 20 species have won 5 awards above the provincial and ministerial level; the contract funds have exceeded 10 million yuan, which has effectively promoted the sustainable development of agriculture and achieved significant economic and social benefits.