Nanjing Agriculture University (China) 10 achievements of our school won the National Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Harvest Award

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the selection results of the 2019-2021 National Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Harvest Awards. Our school won 7 agricultural technology promotion achievement awards, including 2 awards as the first completion unit; and won the agricultural technology promotion cooperation as the third completion unit 1 award; Professor Li Ganghua and Professor Huang Ming won the Agricultural Technology Extension Contribution Award.

The rice cultivation team of Nanjing Agricultural University cooperates with Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units to carry out technical research on problems such as unreasonable distribution of high-quality edible varieties, lack of high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation techniques, and lagging behind in the construction of high-quality edible rice brands. The quality characteristics of high-quality edible rice in Jiangsu were clarified, and the layout of high-quality edible rice varieties and the high-efficiency cropping model were constructed; the “Rice Early Emergence Promotion Technology”, “Quantitative Base Tiller Fertilizer-Leaf Color Diagnosis, Ear Fertilization-High Temperature Adversity The high-quality cultivation technology of “replenishing grain fertilizer” and “medicine soaking seeds, precise management, and application of pesticides due to disasters” integrates the whole process of mechanization, high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency technologies; the establishment of Jiangsu high-quality rice with the participation of scientific research, promotion, new business entities, rice enterprises, etc. The industrial technology collaborative promotion alliance and the two-line collaborative promotion service model of the high-quality rice whole industry chain of “online building of an industrial technology training and exchange APP platform and offline cultivation and construction of Weidao Town” are aimed at realizing the modernization, greening and high efficiency of rice farming. Provide solid technical support. In the past three years, the cumulative promotion area has exceeded 40 million mu, with remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits. The achievement “Integration and promotion of key technologies for high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency rice with good taste” won the first prize of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Achievement Award.

The smart agriculture team cooperates with Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Technology Extension Station, Shennong Smart Agriculture Research Institute Nanjing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., etc., focusing on non-destructive monitoring of rice and wheat growth, dynamic regulation of topdressing during production, and fertilization management The intelligent operation and other links of “real-time monitoring-dynamic regulation-variable operation-intelligent service” have formed a system of rice and wheat growth index spectral monitoring and precise fertilization technology, and built a “university (scientific research institute) – agricultural promotion department – A multi-level collaborative promotion alliance combining social service organizations (agricultural enterprises, bases)-planting business entities, and an online and offline “two-line co-promotion” technology promotion model based on “Internet +”. In the past three years, large-scale promotion and application have been carried out in the rice and wheat production areas in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the Huanghuai winter wheat area, and the southern double-cropping rice area. There are more than 2,300 environmental monitoring maps and top dressing prescription maps, and more than 2,600 sets of crop growth monitoring and fertilization equipment have been promoted, with a cumulative promotion area of ​​more than 6,000 mu. The achievement “Spectral monitoring of rice and wheat growth indicators and integrated promotion of precision fertilization technology” won the first prize of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Achievement Award.

Professor Li Ganghua, the chief of major agricultural technology promotion, and an expert in the rice industry system of Jiangsu Province, has spent more than 180 days a year on the front line in the promotion of rice precise and quantitative cultivation technology since 2005, and has built four departments of “department, base, technology and online and offline” The two-line promotion model of synergy, “discipline, system, and industry” integration, the promotion of machine-plug slow-mix one-time fertilization technology and other 12 major leading technologies promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and an additional economic benefit of 500 million yuan. He won the first prize of the National Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Harvest Award, and was awarded the title of “Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation and Counterpart Assistance and Cooperation in Jiangsu Province” by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.

Professor Huang Ming, a member of the executive expert group of the national broiler industry technology system, has been engaged in the promotion and training of livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing technology in the production line for more than 140 days every year since 2008, and has traveled all over more than 10 provinces across the country. He founded the “Technology Integration + Training The industry-university-research integration technology transformation model of “demonstration + application promotion” has promoted 20 key technologies such as welfare slaughter of livestock and poultry and control of heterogeneous meat, standardization of processing technology and reduction and control of harmful substances, preservation of product flavor and freshness, and new pure The income is 1.2 billion yuan, and more than 300 times of technical training. In 2010, he was rated as an outstanding science and technology commissioner of Jiangsu Province “Sending Science and Technology to the Countryside to Increase Farmers’ Income”. The technology promotion model was selected as one of the top ten outstanding cases of industry-university-research cooperation in China in 2012-2014.