Mustansiriyah University(Iraq )Mustansiriyah University hosts the Iraqi Board Certificate Exam for Endocrinology

Mustansiriyah media

8/11/2022Mustansiriyah University hosted the Iraqi Board Exam in Endocrinology, which was held at the National Diabetes Center under the umbrella of the Iraqi Board of Medical Specialties.

The director of the center, Dr. Abbas Mahdi, said that the center provided all the equipment and facilities for the success of the examination in a manner befitting the reputation of Mustansiriyah University, adding that the examination was conducted under the supervision of a number of professors who specialize in endocrinology and diabetes.

He indicated that the exam consists of a long episode by selecting a diseased case from those registered with the National Diabetes Center and explaining its condition in detail and the method of treatment, in addition to that also a short episode of a diseased endocrine condition and then showing slides in the lecture hall and answering them within a very short time and then the exam  Oral through questions to the examining committee for students.

He pointed out that the supervising committee awarded the Iraqi board certificate to student doctors, who are Dr. Khaled Talib Al-Tai, a teaching staff member at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Babylon, and Dr. Mukhlid Salim, from the health of Dhi Qar Governorate, after they passed the required exam.

It is noteworthy that the National Diabetes Center at Mustansiriyah University is one of the most important centers for a sample of registered patients, especially endocrine and diabetes patients.