Nigeria (Mountain Top University) The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics Holds Its First Annual NACOS Week

The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of Mountain Top University held its first
annual NACOS Week, themed: Raising Tech Leaders for Sustainable Growth and Development in Nigeria. On Wednesday, 20th July 2022, the programme was held in a hybrid style of physical attendance and virtual participation in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) Big Lecture Theatre. The event was organised by the National Association of Computing Students (NACOS), MTU Chapter.

During his remarks, Dr Edwin A. Ofudje, the Ag. Dean, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, ably represented by Dr Semiu O. Kareem, the Head, Department of Physics, stated that the theme was carefully chosen to equip students with the knowledge and skills to triumph in the world of tech.

The First Speaker at the event, in the person of Mr Oreanu Olayemi, Senior Frontend Developer, Montech Software Studios, USA, spoke on the topic: Navigating Remote Opportunities in Tech. Mr Olayemi said that remote job opportunities are the future of work.

He mentioned that careers in tech such as; digital marketing, web & product design, software development & engineering, technical writing, and data analysis have remote opportunities. According to him, individuals looking to land remote jobs must have good grades and skills. He also noted that getting good jobs depended on God, the quality of people you have access to, and the information you have access to. In conclusion, Mr Olayemi emphasised, “No matter how smart you are, you need to keep practising.”

The Second Speaker was Mr Enoch Olutunmida, a freelance Backend/DevOps Engineer. In his lecture, he reiterated the views of the first speaker, Mr Olayemi. Mr Olutunmida mentioned that most of the topics learnt in school would serve as background knowledge in the workplace. “You would still need to keep learning”, he remarked. Mr Olutunmida spoke on the topic: Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning: An Important Recipe for Success in Tech.

The Third Speaker was Mr Olawale Odunlami, Talent Acquisition Manager, Tek Experts, Africa. Mr Odunlami spoke on the topic: Academics and the Industry: Bridging the Gap. In his speech, which he delivered virtually, he disclosed that there was a need for job seekers to know how to present their academics (0’s and 1’s) to the recruiter. According to him, individuals needed to communicate their solutions and thoughts the way the recruiter would understand them.

Furthermore, identifying the gaps between academics and the industry, Mr Odunlami gave the under-listed areas;

Presentation and Communication
Business Acumen
Time Management
Adaptability and Resilience
In his concluding remarks, Mr Odunlami recommended that to bridge the gaps, job seekers must do internships and have mentors.

The Fourth Speaker, in the person of Mr Boyewa Richard, Senior Software Engineer, Tesla, Germany, spoke on the topic: Setting your Coordinates (X, Y) for Career Excellence.

In his virtual lecture, Mr Richard stated that, concerning career excellence, coordinates are a group of actions and activities used to chart a career path. He reaffirmed that there was no wasted skill. In his words, “When you have opportunities to learn a skill, learn it.”

The Fifth Speaker was a Senior Software Engineer from Twitter, Canada, Mr Oyewale Oyediran. Mr Oyediran spoke on the topic: Standing Out in the Global Technology Landscape. In his speech, which he delivered virtually, he noted that the state of the global technology landscape is heavily-capitalised, growth-obsessed, steps ahead of regulation and saturated with thousands of open roles.

Mr Oyediran outlined the following strategies for creating a niche: diverse learning, prototyping ideas, writing, and networking.

The event was well-attended by the university staff and students.