Middle East Technical University (Turkey) METU ranks first among Research Universities for five years

METU, “Mission Differentiation and Specialization in Higher Education Project” conducted by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) within the scope of “Research-Oriented Mission Differentiation” Program” of the universities participating in the In the “Research Universities Performance Monitoring Index” where it is evaluated, this year was also the first. Performance for 2021, the fifth of which was announced this year METU’s score was determined as 85.87. Thus, METU, As with all the rankings announced since 2017, this year is the most took the top spot.

This year’s ranking was held on Friday, November 18 in Elazığ by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) It was announced at the Research Universities Meeting. Hosted by Fırat University and 23 research universities headed by Prof. Dr. Özvar, President of the Council of Higher Education According to the statement made at the meeting held with the participation of the rector, the research universities”Research Capacity”, “Research Quality” and “Interaction and Cooperation” headings A total of 32 indicators were evaluated under it. According to the announced performance ranking, METU, as in previous years, 2021 and in its fifth year at the top of the rankings. continued to take place.

Research-Oriented Mission Differentiation by YÖK With the arrangement made last year in the program, Research Universities “A1, A2 and A3” divided into 3 performance groups and for the first time some foundation universities were also given the status of “Research University”. Foundation In this year’s ranking, where the performances of universities are included for the first time, METU is the one that has shown a High Level Research Performance as in the previous year. continued to be in the A1 group of universities. Six Between the universities in this group of universities and METU the total point difference was more than 15. On the other hand, METU was at the top of the list last year. and increased its score from 85.40 to 85.87.

2022 performance generated with data from 2021 The weights of the three main headings in the ranking over the total points are small there have been changes. The weight of Research Capacity, which previously weighed 25 percent 40 percent, the Interaction and Collaboration heading, which was previously 35 percent, weight changed to 20 percent. METU, as in the last year, in every title received the highest score.


At the meeting, the requests from universities every year Annual Performance of Research Universities prepared with reports Ranking” to 20 research universities in June of this year, 100 million liras by the Presidential Strategy and Budget Directorate Stating that the budget has been distributed, Prof. Dr. Özvar said that the year 2023 that the budget transfer will be made within the framework of the performance ranking in 2022 Noted.

Once again, Middle East Technical University has ranked first in the “Research Universities Performance Monitoring Index,” which evaluates the performances of the universities included in the”Mission Differentiation and Specialization on the Basis of Research Program”carried out by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). In the list that has been annually announced for the last five years, METU has retained its position with 85.87 points according to the evaluation results of the performances in the year 2021, and thus ranked first for the fifth time consecutively since 2017.

This year’s ranking was announced on November 18, 2022, at the YÖK Research Universities Meeting held in Elazığ. Details of the evaluation process were shared with the participants including the presidents of 23 research universities at the meeting, which was hosted by Fırat University and presided over by Prof. Erol Özvar, the President of YÖK. In the 2021 ranking, in which research universities were evaluated according to 32 indicators under the titles”Research Capacity,” “Research Quality,”and”Interaction and Cooperation,”METU received the highest score once again.

With the new regulations made by YÖK last year in the Mission Differentiation and Specialization on the Basis of Research Program, research universities were divided into three performance groups as A1, A2, and A3, and for the first time, some foundation universities were granted the “research university” status, as well. Therefore, the performances of these foundation universities were included in this year’s ranking for the first time. According to the results, METU was included in the group A1 (universities with high-level research performance) like it was last year. In the group A1 that consisted of six universities, the total score gap between METU and the other universities is more than 15 points. This year, Middle East Technical University increased its score to 85.87, while the score that placed METU at the top of the list last year was 85.40.

There were various minor changes in the weight distribution of three main titles in the 2022 performance ranking, which was created with the data of the year 2021. The “Research Capacity” title, which used to constitute 25% of the total score, had an effect of 40% this year, while the impact of the “Interaction and Cooperation” title decreased from 35% to 20%. Like in the previous years, Middle East Technical University once again received the highest scores in all three titles.

At the meeting, Prof. Erol Özvar stated that based on the “Annual Performance Ranking of Research Universities” prepared with the reports requested from universities every year, a total budget of 100 million TL was distributed to 20 research universities by the Presidency of Strategy and Budget in June this year, and he noted that the budget distribution of the year 2023 would be made based on the performance ranking in 2022.