Libya (Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies) Information Technology Division


The Information Technology Division of the Libyan Academy for postgraduate studies supervises the departments associated with it and coordinates among them to ensure their integration and make the maximum use of the capabilities available to them to serve.

For the Libyan Academy of Graduate Studies and the public interest, its area of work is summarized in the following:

  • Preparing studies for the expansion of information technology at the Libyan Academy of Graduate Studies and its branches throughout Libya
  • Preparing technical specifications and feasibility studies for information technology projects at the Libyan Academy and its branches, and supervising their implementation
  • Determining the needs of the Libyan Academy of equipment, programs, and systems, and following up on their provision according to the approved standards
  • Providing technical support in the field of computing and information technology to the departments and centres of the Academy and its various branches
  • Keeping and following up on the latest developments in the fields of computing hardware and software and information technology
  • Providing consultation and technical advice on matters related to information technology