Egypt (Kafrelsheikh University) University Council praises the Efforts of the “Dignified Life” Initiative and invites Students to participate in it and organize Visits to Major National Projects

Today, Tuesday, 25/10/2022, the University Council, headed by Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky, President of the University, holds its monthly session in the council hall to discuss a number of issues related to the educational and research process, and to review the developments and topics presented to the council,  in the presence of Major General Gamal Nour El-Din, Governor of Kafrelsheikh, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Aal, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs, Deans of Faculties, and Counselor Abd Allah Ghallab, Legal Advisor of the University and Secretary General of the University, Dr. Ali Sabri.

The University Council stresses the implementation and follow-up of the executive plans for cultural, artistic and sports activities, the organization of field visits to major national projects, the increase of the university’s efforts to eradicate illiteracy and cooperation with the “Dignified Life” initiative.

The Kafrelsheikh University Council also praises the efforts of the Dignified Life Initiative, which was launched by the President of the Republic, and that it is one of the largest community initiatives in the history of the Egyptian state, which succeeded in uniting the ranks of all state institutions, governmental bodies and civil society organizations to participate in the activities of the initiative, and the Council calls on university students to participate in the initiative.

The Governor of Kafrelsheikh confirms that the governorate is one of the governorates that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, has given great interest in establishing national projects of great economic value, including the Black Sands, Ghalioun Farm, the Burullus Electricity Company, and the purification and dredging of Burullus Lake, which extends over an area of ??106 acres.

The Governor of Kafrelsheikh, Major General Gamal Noor El-Din, also clarifies the various roles of the university, whether the educational and service role, in cooperation with the governorate to serve citizens in villages and cities, in addition to medical campaigns, convoys and contributions to engineering consultancy, in addition to cooperation between the governorate during the next stage in various fields to facilitate procedures for citizens.