Kenya (Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agric. & Technology) JKUAT Receives Dosifier Unit to Help Build Capacity of Millers

The EU-Funded Food Fortification Project at JKUAT has received a small-scale dosifier unit from Sanku to enhance its effort in training small-scale millers on fortification.

Although flour fortification has worked for large-scale millers, small-scale millers have continued to struggle with the process.

While acknowledging that food fortification is common in developed countries, Sanku Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Felix Brooks said, large-scale fortification programs have limited reach in Africa.

He was speaking during the handing over of the Dosifier unit to JKUAT at a ceremony presided over by the JKUAT Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Production and Extension, Prof. Jackson Kwanza.

Prof. Kwanza thanked Sanku for the donation and assured them that the university, through the EU Funded Food Fortification Project, will utilize the Dosifier to empower and build the capacity of the millers in the community.

The Sanku Dosifier is a device that injects nutrient premix into flours that are detected to carry weight losses. It is a fully-automatic user-centric machine that ensures the highest efficiency.

“Every single one of the devices installed is connected to a centralized dashboard through a cellular link, allowing Sanku to monitor the real-time data generated. We always make sure that the dosifiers are functioning correctly ensuring that millers always have the tools that they need to fortify their flour,” said Mr. Brooks.

JKUAT-EU Funded Food Fortification Project Coordinator, Prof. Daniel Sila acknowledged that there are small and medium-scale millers who do not have the capacity to do fortification due to inadequate knowledge and/or lack of equipment.

To play their part in ensuring fortification compliance, Prof. Sila said the unit will come in handy when building the capacity of local small-scale farmers.

“Fortification is a costly process and I want to acknowledge Sanku’s effort in ensuring the small-scale millers produce quality fortified flour. We will use the Dosifier unit to do demonstrations of the fortification process from beginning to the end to the small-scale miller who visits our lab,” said Prof. Sila.

JKUAT receives dosifier unit to help build capacity of millers