Jiangnan University (China) Adonation ceremony of BiodepCharity Fundheld in Jiangnan University

On October 8, adonation ceremony of Biodep Charity Fund was held in Jiangnan University.The major participants of the ceremony included Zhu Minyang, President of Wuxi Charity Federation, Cai Dagang, itsExecutive Vice President, Fang Zhongwei, itsVice President,and Ma Kai, Chairman of Jiangsu Biodep Biotechnology Co. Ltd, and ZhangLinjun, itsGeneral Manager, as well asZhu Qingbao, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Jiangnan University, and Fu Huiming, its Deputy Secretary of theCPC Committee.Other attendees of the event included relevant persons in charge from Wuxi Charity Federation, Jiangsu Biodep Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Jiangsu Gulai Health Industry Co. Ltd, Wuxi Capital of GuolianGroup, and departments and schools of Jiangnan University.

After briefly introducing the purpose of setting upthe“BiodepCharity Fund”,Cai Dagang pointed out that the establishment of the “Biodep Charity Fund”and its naming was attributed to the donation o fRMB 20 million from Jiangsu Biodep Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Biodep”)toWuxi Charity Federation,of which80% was the designated donationto Jiangnan University for the establishment of the “Biodep-Jiangnan University Education Fund”to support the development of Jiangnan University insuch sectors as humanities and social sciences, joint research and development of life and health,as well as personnel training and assistance.

In his speech,Ma Kai saidthatit was a privilege for Biodep to engage in thecity development and construction of Jiangnan University,and to assist in promoting the tripartite cooperation of governments, universities and enterprises. Biodep will deepen such cooperation to contribute new strength to local economic and cultural development and construction of Jiangnan University.

Zhu Minyang hoped that the City of Wuxi,Jiangnan University and Biodep could take this opportunity to further enhance exchanges and strengthen complementary advantages, so as to deliver more results to and set a fine example for the tripartite cooperation.

On behalf ofJiangnan University, Zhu Qingbao expressed his sincere thanks to Wuxi Charity Federation, Biodepand the participating entrepreneurs, and pointed out that Biodepand Jiangnan University have highly complementary strength in food and related sectors,and broad prospects for cooperation in such areas as technological innovation,transfer of industry-university-research cooperation achievements and talent cultivation. He also said that Jiangnan University will make good use of this donation, earnestly implement the projects supported by this donation, and strive to generate maximum benefits.