Mauritania (Ecole Normale Supérieure De Nouakchott) Scientific Day

The research unit “Education-Biodiversity and Sustainable Development” organized Wednesday, February 16, 2022 a scientific day during which it presented the latest results of its work and particularly on the continental wetlands of Mauritania (ZHC). This multidisciplinary unit includes research professors from several disciplines: Animal Biology, Plant Biology, Ecology, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology. The work focused on the ecosystem services of HCZs, the scientific and economic value of their biodiversity as well as the ecological relationships that characterize these ecosystems, long neglected because they are considered foci of pathogens. Wetland natural resources are natural capital that generates flows of goods and services of economic value that can be integrated into the search for solutions to unemployment, poverty and malnutrition. The enhancement of this natural heritage would contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, the promotion of green jobs and the strengthening of the resilience of rural societies. A PP is attached here.

The Unit Coordinator


Abdellahi HMEYADA