Ethiopia (Hawassa University) Innovation Technology research visits

The Education Ministry minister visited the Research and Innovation Technology at the University of Hawassa.

The Education Secretary was able to look at Innovation Technology’s research and innovations as he visited works at Hawassa University alongside the national education conference, which was launched by the Education Secretary P/R-Light Nguyen and other senior leadership bodies.

Believed that the transition of research and technology is a key requirement from the university to solve society’s problems, graduate work is now being done at the University of Hawassa. Describing Buncura, the young generation explained the need for innovation’s ecosystem to transform its knowledge, talent or creative ideas into business, create its own enterprise and benefit others from employment opportunities. Industries are in transmission, the director said.

Dr. Bayou Buncura, who has previously revealed that fewer than 20 technologies have been exhibited in the past three years in a 3rd-country education consultation sponsored by the University of Hawassa, added that modern chicken-hating lighters, hydraulic laboratory publishing in his next message, higher education institutions are the main destination and center of knowledge for all active young citizens, allowing young people to demonstrate their creative ideas, knowledge and unique skills. They have shown that they need to be ecological.