Ethiopia (Haramaya University) “There is no better legacy than writing a book like this,” Dr. Tesfaye Lema in a book launching event at Haramaya University

Haramaya University published a book entitled “Plant Disease Epidemiology and Management”, authored by Professor Chemeda Fininsa and launched it on November 14, 2022.

The event was attended by higher officials of the university, the vice chair of the board of Haramaya University, a representative of US embassy, the university staff, invited guests, and the authors’ family.

At the Book launching ceremony, it was stated that Professor Chemeda Fininsa is the most experienced teacher and researcher in the college of Agriculture and Environmental Science in Haramaya University, and served the country for thirty seven (37) years in higher education institutions teaching and different positions, including presidency.

Witnessing long years’ service and diligence of Professor Chemeda Dr. Tesfaye Lema, vice president for research affairs, said in his opening speech that writing an academic book of a high quality to be used by post graduate students as textbook, by researchers as a reference and by policy makers and development practitioners as a guide is a daunting task because it requires a set of different skills such as research, critical thinking, effective writing, and human relation skills. “There is no better legacy than writing a book like this,” says Dr. Tesfaye.

Dr. Tesfaye went on, saying, “We hope and believe that the achievement we are celebrating today will inspire and encourage our senior professors to engage in similar endeavors and write research-based academic books in their respective fields of specialization, as it helps them to pass their acquired and accumulated knowledge and wisdom to the next generation for use.”

Indicating that the United States is working to strengthen the long-standing strong relationship between the United States and Ethiopia, Anne Stevens, a representative from the United States Embassy in Addis Abeba, who participated in the launching ceremony via video conference, stated, “We are happy of the financial support we made for the publication of the book written by Professor Chemeda because he is one of the alumina of USA universities, and thus, he is sharing the knowledge he got from the United States to the people of Ethiopia.”

Professor Chemeda Fininsa, the author, has presented his reflections regarding the book by saying that, as everyone understands, writing a book is very difficult even though he successfully accomplished writing the book after passing through ups and downs with the help of his family, and colleagues from Haramaya University, and the USA. Professor Chemeda added that the motivation that he has to not reserve his effort, knowledge, and experience, to postgraduate students in particular and policy makers at the country level in general, made him strong to face and pass all the challenges. At the end of his speech, he presented his thanks to Haramaya University, all who helped him during the writing process, and the organizers of the colorful launching ceremony.

Following the presentation of internal and external reviewers’ reviews, questions and reflections were forwarded to the author, and the book was finally recognized by Professor Emana Getu, vice chair of the board at Haramaya University, and Professors Mengistu Urge, vice president for academic affairs, Jeylan Woliyie, vice president for students and administration affairs, and Dr. Yisihak Yousuf, vice president for community engagement and enterprise affairs.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Camera: Fuad Ahmed